“Take a look on these 5 Best Zapier Alternatives of current time for bringing effective automation in your business.”

Most of the times you are collaborating multiple applications for your business. And creating a balance between these apps to drive the best results will always require an expert in this field.

However, trying your hands on with the popular products in the market is not the only key to success. Zapier being one such known platform is now lagging behind in the list of integration tools.

Zapier Alternatives

High charges for enterprise level business, complexity in building zaps, difficult multi-step process, partial sync in apps, no option to match historical data between the two systems are the frequently pointed cons of Zapier.

In order to compensate the flaws, following are some of the tools which can be termed as best Zapier alternatives.

Once these tools address your immediate needs, you’ll find countless opportunities to build a more flexible integration plan for business.

A Quick Comparision Between Best Zapier Alternatives


PricingNo. of TasksNo. of Workflows

Pabbly Connect



JitterbitContact Sales Team750Limited

1. Pabbly Connect – Best Zapier Alternative

Pabbly Connect has evolved as a biggest Zapier competitor in a very short span of time. It supports 200+ applications of marketing sales, form builder, eCommerce, CRM, payment, etc. with new addons on daily basis.

One of its USP’s also states that you will be provided with all the features no matter what plan you choose.

Pabbly Connect - Best Zapier Alternative


  • It provides you with HTTP/SOAP, JSON, XML, HTML, FormData, encoded form, plain text to connect any web services.
  • You can have unlimited multi-step workflows with conditional logic, in-sequence processing, formatters and many more options.
  • With the filters provided, you can build up complex workflows with “If/Else” conditional triggers. Also, define the conditional/comparison functions like  Does not equal to, Contains String, Does not exist, Is Exist etc.
  • Set up cross-functional internal workflows with triggers, actions, and scheduler for creating one-to-one integration & multi-app workflows.
  • The path router lets you split the actions into multiple paths so that you can perform several operations for processing the data within each route differently.

Few example, you can:- set up filters, redirect data to different streams based on various conditions, define time intervals (specified date, day, or time) for running the scenario/action.


  • Starter – The starter is available at just $9 that gives you unlimited workflow,  12,000 tasks, multi-step calls, instant triggers etc.
  • Rookie – Avail 50,000 tasks including all the features of Starter plan at an affordable price of $29/month.
  • Pro – Cost of this plan is just $37/month for 60,000 tasks.
  • Advanced – The custom pricing has a minimum rate of $57/month for 80,000 upto $3000/month for 9,000,000 tasks.

2. Automate.io – Versatile Integration Software

Another iPaaS tool in our list of Zapier alternatives is Automate.io which connects various cloud & SaaS applications (CRM, Payments, E-Commerce, CMS, Database etc.)

Automate.io lets you create one-to-one integrations via HTTP/SOAP or JSON modules to sync data across multiple applications .



  • It has various powerful tools for setting up cross-functional internal workflows like data formatting, time delay, conditional logics etc.
  • Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface helps in data mapping and integration to let you create one-to-one automation workflows, or sync data between two apps.
  • You get utmost data security with its options like encrypting the transit, data retention controls, and audit logs.
  • Connect all the leading cloud / SaaS applications using its Webhooks / Rest API.


  • The free trial offers 250 actions per month and 5 bots.
  • Startup – This plan costs $49/month for 10,000 actions/month and 50 bots.
  • Growth – You just need to pay $99/month for 30,000 actions and 100 bots.
  • Business – Avail this plan at $199 a month & get 100,000 actions and 200 bots.
  • Enterprise – Costing $399/month, this plan provides you with 500,000 actions and unlimited bots & lots of premium features.

3. Integromat – Top Alternative to Zapier

One of the primary feature of this Zapier competitive is that it lets you process data that has been created before activation of your scenario. Hence,  you can retrieve data from the past as well.

This service floods you with advanced options like scenario duplication, data stores, completing the disrupted scenarios, assigning user roles functions, maintaining execution history etc.

Every operation performed in a scenario is logged in for up to several weeks. Hence, you can monitor which data was processed during a scenario.
However, you can disable this feature if you don’t want Integromat to retain any transferred data.



  • You can track scenario execution in real time & observe how the data passes through it.
  • With its error handler you can manage unexpected exceptions for any module in the scenario. Moreover, you can add special instructions to determine how the execution will proceed.
  • It has got built-in iterators (modules to split data into parts to process them separately). Furthermore, it has aggregators to merge individual data into one bundle.
  • It supports OAuth 2 authorization & the JSON app to communicate with majority of modern APIs.
  • Some more attributes includes built-in routers, 39 filters, triggers, scheduling, 1500+ templates, cycles, functions etc.


  • Free – Get 1,000 operations and 100MB to transfer the data absolutely free.
  • Basic – Buy this plan at the cost of $9 per month & get 10,000 operations and 1 GB data.
  • Standard – This plan costs you $29 a month for 40,000 operations & 20 GB data.
  • Business – It will cost you $99/month for 150,000 operations and 70 GB data.
  • Platinum – Purchase this plan at $299/month & avail 800,000 operations with 220 GB data.
  • Custom – If your requirement exceeds, you can contact sales team to know a custom plan too.

All the plans include:- Access to all modules, Unlimited number of modules in a scenario & Unlimited number of scenarios.

4. PieSync – Zapier Competitive

PieSync has got all that makes it popular among real estate, CRM & email marketing giants like Hubspot, mailchimp, Salesforce, Zendesk etc. This substitute for Zapier is worth giving a try!

Marketers use it to segment email lists, merge MQL safely into existing CRM contacts, managing list opt-ins and opt-outs, sync contacts(clients, vendors, partners), leads & companies.



  • Only PieSync provides 2-way sync option for your customer data in real time. Conflicting data is combined in such a way as to avoid duplicate fields.
  • The records are tracked in both web applications. Furthermore, the data in other app is also changed when it detects any change in the associated app. With Zapier, this level of syncing is not possible in most cases.
  • PieSync match the existing & historical data between the two systems during the initial sync which was missing in Zapier.
  • It uses advanced authentication methods, like Oauth, and employ encryption measures for a high end data security.
  • Its heath dashboard lets you have an overview of actions.


It has got 2 plans whose pricing & features differs according to the number of contacts to be synced. Below are some instances which are billed monthly:-

  • Starter – This plan is suitable for simple syncing & available at $19/month. Further, you can create up to 2 if/then rules per connection & send invitation to unlimited team members for Sync subscription.
  • Pro – The plan is ideal for highly customized syncs for unlimited rules / connection at $59/month. Along with more options to segment and filter your syncs, you are also provided with custom field mappings to choose how you want to sync fields across apps.

Note:- You can also try the same plans with yearly billing.

5. Jitterbit – iPaaS Tool

Jitterbit has smartly united APIs and artificial intelligence into a single integration platform.

This Zapier alternative gives you these amazing features like:- re-use existing code and business logic, intuitive point-and-click connectivity(data mapping b/w systems), set access privilege, connectors to design APIs and a lot more.

Jitterbit - Alternative of Zapier


  • This EiPaaS platform lets you control the data from SaaS, cloud, on-premises, hybrid and mobile apps.
  • EDI integration allows you to streamline ERP & CRM applications operations such as SAP, NetSuite, Salesforce, Microsoft, etc.
  • The data management is pretty easy as you can feed consolidated data into real-time. You can also check the comprehensive alerts in real time.
  • Its flexible architecture lets you install and manage custom plugins to extend functionality. You can also backup and deploy pre-built projects & Jitterpak templates.
  • The HIPAA, and GDPR compliant platform authenticates every transaction & does not store data. Moreover, SSL and x.509 encrypt & authenticate every transaction.


Jitterbit iPaaS offers custom price plans (Standard, Professional & Enterprise) with different no. of connections. Get in touch with the sales team to know more about it.


The success of your business depends on how advanced application you are using. And it’s high time to look for an effective integration tool to manage the apps.

You will find a lot more options, but I would recommend these 5 best Zapier alternatives which are highly effective yet affordable.

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