Drenched yourself from head to toe in search of the best WordPress contact form plugins? If so, just stop now as we have something that gives your search a destination.

But, before moving forward, let’s cast some light on a term contact form plugin.

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

When it comes to contact forms plugins, then it is definitely an incredible and easy way of communication. Whether you own the WordPress website or any other site, contact forms are a necessity. If your website lacks contact form then there is a slight chance of website visitors to reach out to customer support. Since most of the customers scoff at the idea of calling customer care as it seems an unnecessary investment of time.

However, one can save a lot of trouble by just embedding a contact form plugin on their website. Further, you can collect leads or receive messages from your customers at any time of the day. It surely helps in budding a healthy relationship with customers.

Now, the real daunting process is what to look for in the form builder? Hence to help you out we made a checklist you should go for

  • Embedding Options
  • Responsiveness
  • Spam Protection
  • Instant Notification

Since the market is abundant with WordPress contact form plugins, yet searching for cheap and free form plugins is like looking for a polar bear in a snowstorm.

But, here we already give consideration to your needs and listed out the best WordPress contact form plugins and software.

Quick Comparison Between Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins
ServicePricing (Billed Yearly)WebsiteStoragePayment Accounts
Pabbly Form Builder$120UnlimitedLimitlessUnlimited
Ninja Kick$191
Ninja Forms$991PayPal Express
Formidable Forms$1491
Now, let’s dive deep into all the mentioned software by discussing its features and pricing.

1. Pabbly Form Builder – Best WordPress Contact Form Builder

“The software doesn’t restrict its users by offering unlimited features like submission, views, analytics, and much more.”

Pabbly Form Builder is the topmost WordPress contact form builder that lets you create any type of contact, feedback, order form, and much more using its drag and drop editor. The software is abundant with more than 250+ responsive templates that will look effective on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Further, the tool takes you on another level by offering advanced features like conditional logic, redirect, and much more to keep the spark among the audience alive. And honestly, if you’re uneasy about your form getting spammed, then you shouldn’t be as the software offers built-in reCaptcha that automatically prevent spam submissions. The good news here is no coding skills required for it, simply drag and drop the reCaptcha field and save form from spam actions.

On top of everything, the software is a real gem for business with vast needs as it is a cabinet of unlimited features like integrations, Webhooks, and everything even in its basic plan.

Pabbly Form Builder - Best WordPress Contact Form Builder


  • Embedding Options – Not just simple website embedding, it offers three different kinds of embedding options that are sliding, pop-up, and full form.
  • Custom Branding – Looking for a way to spice up your business forms? Guess what, it lets you customize a form that has your company logo, add image, include links and the list goes on.
  • Collect Payments – With Pabbly Form Builder as your software, you don’t have to halt payment process as it offers multiple payment gateways which are Stripe, PayPal, RazorPay to collect unlimited payment.
  • Canned Replies – This feature is a real-time savior as it offers canned replies for similar kinds of queries. Further, you can also customize a canned reply according to your business requirement.
  • Entries Management – Pabbly Form Builder understands how difficult is to manage bulk form entries at the same time. That’s why it provided the features to distinct the on-hold, partially filled, and new entries.
  • Users Tracking – Want to keep an eye on a respondent? No problem, as the tool provides deep insight into the respondent’s IP address, operating system, and even their country of origin.
  • Export Data – With the help of it, you can download specified month responses or whole responses in a single go without investing much time.
  • Form Validation – It is the most essential feature of the software as it makes sure that data submitted by the respondent should be valid.
  • File Uploads – Whether it is image, document, video, or anything, the respondent can submit it freely. Further, the form creator can put an unlimited upload field in a form.
  • Email Notification – Using it, one can get an instant email alert about the form submission, new lead, and much more.


  • The software is rolled up with unlimited features like views, submission reports, and much more in a basic plan of $10/m for a year.

2. Ninja Kick – Versatile WordPress Plugin

Next, on our list is Ninja Kick well known as affordable WordPress contact form plugin. The plugin is light weighted and can go with any website. Using it, you can place contact form in a different area, like a slide-in, full form, etc. Also, it offers the test mode to build a WordPress contact form where you can hide the form from the actual audience.

Ninja Kick - Versatile WordPress Plugin


  • Responsive Design – All the forms created using this plugin are very responsive and can be operated on any device.
  • Multi-Language – As the name suggested, the plugin allows you to create a form in several languages like English, German, French, etc.
  • Rich Customization – The software offers rich customization which involves label styles, color schemes, font, and much more.
  • Cool Animation – With the help of it, one can grab the audience’s attention by displaying the form in animations or slide-ins.
  • Human Test Option – Further, it is packed with human test option to prevent the contact form from bot, spam, and unethical activities.


  • It costs $19 which is a one-time fee that covers a year of support. Further, to opt for longer support, you need to pay some additional amount.

3. Quform – Advanced WordPress Form Builder

Further, we are uncovering the cloth from Quform which is one from the many WordPress contact form plugin. It allows you to construct any kind of form from basic to advanced anything is possible. The lovable thing about it is one can get highly-advanced features and fields without blowing the budget.

Quform - Advanced WordPress Form Builder


  • Multi-Page Forms –  The plugin allows you to create multi-page forms. So that users won’t hesitate to fill out long forms.
  • Conditional Logic – Using it, one can set a dynamic approach to show or hide the form fields based on responses.
  • Custom Auto Reply –  With the help of it, one can respond to user’s queries in a fraction of time.
  • Captcha Options – Not just spam protections, it grants three kinds of captcha options which is a honeypot, image, and reCaptcha.
  • Optional Filters – Further, it comes up with 6 optional filters that help to strip unwanted submitted data.


  • Regular – The regular license will cost $29 which is a one time fee for only one site.
  • Extended – Next, the extended license will charge $145 Which is also a one time fee with Mailchimp and Zapier add on.

4. Ninja Forms – WordPress Contact Form Creator

Following, we unfold out the Ninja Forms which is another great choice if you’re looking for an option for a WordPress contact form plugin. The software provides a beautiful user interface for constructing your own contact forms from scratch. Using a single tool, one can access dozens of add-ons like MailPoet, Mailchimp, CleverReach, and many more.

Ninja Forms - WordPress Contact Form Creator


  • Conditional Logic – It allows to build dynamic forms where you can show or hide the fields to grab a user’s attention.
  • Multi-Part Forms – Using it, one can crack long forms into multi-part forms. So that users won’t sleep while filling out the form.
  • Layout And Styles – With the help of this, one can change the font, style, color, background, etc of a whole form.
  • Save Progress – It offers flexibility to the respondent to save their form and fill it later anytime according to suitability.
  • File Uploads – Further, users can upload any kind of file using this feature.


  • Personal – The personal plan will cost $99/y for a single site.
  • Professional -Further, the professional will cost $199/y for 20 sites.
  • Agency – Following, in agency plan users have to pay $499/y for unlimited sites.
  • A La Carte – Lastly, it will cost $29- $129/y for 1-20 sites.

5. Formidable Forms – WordPress Contact Form Solution

Lastly, we have Formidable Forms which is one of the most fully-fledged solutions in a league table of the WordPress contact form builders. The software allows you to create GDPR compliant forms, all you need to do is add a checkbox field in your contact form asking consent for collecting data. Further, it is packed with add-ons like MailChimp, Zapier, AWeber, etc.

Formidable Forms


  • Drag and Drop Form Builder -The software allows you to build complex or simple forms in seconds using drag and drop editor.
  • Repeater Fields – This feature is added for the respondent’s convenience. Using it, they can add new fields while filling out the form.
  • User Submitted Posts & Pages – With the help of it, one can submit posts & pages with a personalized image.
  • Multi-Page Forms With Progress Bar – Further, it allows you to break long forms into multi-page forms and also display the status of form in the progress bar.
  • WordPress Front End Editor – This feature gives flexibility to users to resubmit their forms without any error at the front editor of the site.


  • Basic – The basic plan will cost $149/y for use of 1 site.
  • Business – Further, the business plan will cost $299/y for 15 sites.
  • Elite – Lastly, the elite offers the use of unlimited sites for $599/y.

Conclusion –

Hopefully, now you all know the necessity of contact form plugins for WordPress websites. It is not just a medium of communication but it also makes your business legitimate. That’s a reason why we mentioned all the best contact form plugins software that can go with every business’s needs. And setting your priorities straight when it comes to selecting a form builder software that matches your requirement is duly acceptable.

So, go and grab a deal and let us know if we have missed out on anything.

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