Crossed seven seas and still haven’t found the best TurboSMTP alternatives? Well, go no further, as this article covers some of the best SMTP providers.

TurboSMTP is a known name in the email marketing world because its reliable SMTP services can send bulk emails at lightning-fast speeds. Furthermore, it gives good enough features like reporting & tracking, security, and 24×7 support.


But, since SMTP relay as a service can be accessed from many open-sourced system, therefore its prices shouldn’t be this high. Besides the set up is too technical for an average John. The landing of emails is another contentious issue as many emails get placed in the spam box.

So, whatever your problems are, you are looking for something new and better. But this is 2022 and the digital world is a maze full of free and cheap alternatives. Therefore, before taking a leap from the proverbial mountain, you should know about the mandatory features a decent SMTP provider must-have. They are:

  • High Precision Deliverability
  • Easy Integrations and Set-Up
  • Affordability

So on the basis of both features and pricing, I have placed 5 of the best TurboSMTP alternatives for you.

     Quick Comparison Between TurboSMTP Alternatives
ServiceBasic Plan EmailsSMTP Routing Workflow Automation
Pabbly Email Marketing  $29/mUnlimitedUnlimited

1. Pabbly Email Marketing – Best TurboSMTP Alternative

“It doesn’t matter if you are opting for the starter or premium plan, Pabbly Email Marketing showers you with features like inbuilt SMTP, 2x open rates, workflow automation, SMTP routing, and more.”

Now the reason Pabbly Email Marketing tops this segment because it comes with an inbuilt SMTP to deliver unlimited emails at 99% inbox placement rates. The SMTP services are provided at the most affordable cost and ensure 2x more open rates with auto-followup emails.

Moreover, the SMTP routing enables you to send bulk emails from different external SMTP servers to reduce IP blocking. You can perform a ton of A/B testing to determine the best possible routes for email flow. And no technical skill is required, just sign up and patch the SMTP to start sending emails.

Pabbly Email Marketing - Best TurboSMTP Alternative


  • Inbuilt SMTP – A very modern SMTP that delivers unlimited emails (promotional and transaction) at a fraction of a cost.
  • SMTP Routing – Your domain can get blocked if your emails consistently land in the spam box, to avoid this you have the flexibility to link your services with multiple SMTPs like Amazon SES, Spark Post, Mail Gun and more. The bulk emails can be split on a flat or percentage basis. Do remember that TurboSMTP doesn’t give this luxury.
  • Autoresponders –  Also, rain automatic welcome emails for a new client, deliver warm and congratulatory messages on birthdays. Furthermore, set up trigger-based emails for unsubscribing, abandoned shopping cart and transaction decline to make your customer’s stay in the loop.
  • Email Tracking – Pabbly Email Marketing provides individual reports on email campaigns per client with data on the opened, clicked, spam emails, unsubscribed, along with the client’s locations and IP addresses. Besides, the complicated data is presented in a format that even a child can understand.
  • Workflow Automation – Save time and reduce stress by creating unlimited workflows to automate many processes.
  • Import Emails – From your old email list, drop your email addresses into the new emailing list. Moreover, the migration is usually a technical headache for other services that can be done in seconds with Pabbly Email Marketing.
  • Templates – Have access to 500+ email templates based on different work regions. Also, it comes with a very perceptive drag & drop email builder to create incredible emails. Also, insert your customized logo in all your emails.
  • MX Clear – Moreover, create a healthy and blooming list by removing and scrubbing away bad/invalid/unresponsive email addresses.
  • 2X Open – This feature increases the probability of a client opening the emails, as a follow-up email is sent as a reminder.
  • Security – Multi layers of barricades to protect confidential information from malicious attacks. Also, these security layers include active scanning, SSL protection, and firewalls.


Pabbly Email Marketing offers four simple plans, they are as follows

  • Forever Free – An awesome package that can deliver 12,000 emails to 1,100 subscribers. Just sign up and you are ready to roll.
  • Rookie – At just $29, send unlimited emails to 5000 subscribers other features are marketing automation, SMTP routing, and list management.
  • Pro – This is their most popular plan as one can dispatch unlimited emails to 15,000 subscribers at just $49 per month. All the features of the Rookie plan are included in this plan.
  • Advance – Send unlimited emails to 50,000 subscribers at just $99 charged monthly.
  • Enterprise – Big MNCs use this plan to send over a million emails, this plan is customizable as per your needs. But one need to contact their sales representatives.

Note: Have 20% off in all their plans, if you opt for the yearly package.


2. SendinBlue – A Versatile TurboSMTP Alternative

There is a difference between SendinBlue and SendinBlue SMTP, the SMTP services are used only for sending non-promotional emails like transactional emails. But there is significant synergy between SendinBlue and SendinBlue SMTP as the hard bounces will be auto imported into SMTP account to reduce the same mistakes with your promotional newsletters.

SendinBlue - A Versatile TurboSMTP Alternative


  • Transactional Bandwith -Using shared IPs, one has the capacity to send 40 emails in 60 minutes. This bandwidth automatically self adjust on the basis of volume.
  • Marketing Automation – Segment data on the basis of interest and then keep them into different buckets to auto send emails on the basis of trigger events or set time.
  • Facebook Ads – Furthermore, insert ads in Facebook and on other social media sites like Bitchute, Twitter, etc so that potential clients can be brought on the basis of interests. Accordingly, they also ensure GDPR compliance to keep your privacy safe.
  • Email Builder – Also, a very perceptive email builder which can build emails even in mobile phones.
  • CRM – Moreover, in a well managed central hub keep your client’s data and perform a ton of A/B testing so you can send parallel mails to check the best channels for higher deliverability.
  • Signup Forms – Also, grow your mailing list with the help of customized forms that are easy to integrate with apps and websites.


  • Lite – Send 40,000 emails at $25/month with no daily sending limit.
  • Essential – At $39/month upgrade the email sending to 60,000 emails. Moreover, you can dabble with A/B testing and enjoy the perks of good CRM.
  • Premium – Send 120000 emails at $66/month. Other features that open up are marketing automation,chat-based support, and even place social media ads. As one of the major TurboSMTP alternatives this pricing is good.
  • Enterprise – To know about the features contact their sales associates.


3. Pepipost – An AI-Powered SMTP

One should take Pepipost seriously as their SMTPs have been sending over 8 billion per month. Moreover, it promises to start delivering after just 5 minutes of integration. Also, the best part is the data is kept for 90 days and the metadata can be accessed anytime during the entire lifecycle of the email.

Pepipost - An AI-Powered SMTP


  • Subaccounts – These are child accounts under one master account where emails and credits can be accessed. Also, each account has its own IP address, login, and SMTPs so that you can mimic the sending and improve your deliverability.
  • AI – Using AI, it sets up a number of parallel connections to accessed per sender, speed of delivery, and the hierarchy of the mails. Each permutation shows the best way possible for the reduction of bounce and higher inbox delivery.
  • Tracking – Furthermore, track data on the basis of Message ID, InvoiceID, Transaction ID, etc. Furthermore, their servers are located in multiple continents hence if one server can’t be accessed then you can still work on with others.
  • Integrations – Using Webhooks, your emailing activities will be under control with a ton of external integrations available Turbosmtp alternatives. Configure call back URLs for open, delivered, bounce and unsubscribe, etc.

Service – Also it allows easy migration steps for each alternative service, along with API libraries and documentation to get you started.


There is a slider on the website which reflects the price according to the number of emails sent per month. If you move the slider towards the right the email numbers rise and axiomatically the price. However, their most ambitious plan is priced at $145 / month which can send 600,000 emails.


4. Moosend – A Very Fast SMTP Service Provider

Moosend provides direct STMP services to integrate with your existing applications. Integrating a Moosend SMTP is easy, by just adding SMTP port, host, name, and password, you are done.

Create a beautiful newsletter by directly importing images from Giphy, Instagram, and Google Drive. Furthermore, level up the e-commerce game by making casual subscribers to loyal customers with discount codes, product blocks, and recommendations.



  • Advanced List Segmentation – Immediately spot the cart abandoners and reward the most engaged readers. Moreover, filtering the subscribers based on conditions is easy.
  • Real-Time Analytics – Also, get instant analytical data, find the leak, and scrub it away.
  • Pre-built Workflows – Furthermore, have access to many pre-built workflows to automate many of your dull mechanism to save time and energy.
  • Custom Opt-In Forms -Create your subscription forms in minutes and increase the mailing list with the leads that you have captured.
  • Affiliate Program – Also, earn up to 30% one email marketing affiliate program.
  • Mobile Editor – Furthermore, inbuilt email editor which works on drag & drop with a timer feature to create a sense of urgency of limited products in time.


  • Free – Email sending to a limited number of subscribers and get leads with forms.
  • Pro – Send unlimited emails for just $8 per month, more features are inbuilt SMTP, transactional emails, and turboSMTP alternatives landing pages.
  • Enterprise – Create your own plan if the subscriber’s count exceeds 200k or you can request a custom plan from their sales executives.


5. Mailjet –  A Versatile TurboSMTP Alternative

It provides an incredible and free SMTP server to deliver emails. The power of these sever can be understood from the fact a billion emails are sent to the inbox each month. Besides, setting up this SMTP is easy and they have more than 720 servers around the world for robust delivery.

Mailjet -  A Versatile TurboSMTP Alternative


  • SMTP Relay – They have an auto-scaling function that adjusts itself with your volume needs with an uptime of 99.9%.
  • Multi Ports –  Moreover, it comes with multiple ports for SMTP relay. Choose the port suitable for you depending on email client and ISP. Furthermore, get either SSL or TLS encryption to secure your emails.
  • MTA – Moreover, message transfer agent such as Exim or Postfix to send through Mailjet SMTP relay. Furthermore use Java, PHP or any library language to tweak its features accordingly.
  • Monitoring – Also, a real-time dashboard keep you in the loop about the filter, browse, and troubleshoot. Furthermore, key indicators like clicks open, and bounces to make your email sending more relevant. That is why it is a key Turbosmtp alternative.


  • Free – At send 0$ send over 6000 emails per month with 200 emails per day.
  • Basic – The sending limit increase to over $9.65/month with of course no daily sending limit. Also, other benefits include subaccounts and online customer support as major Turbosmtp alternatives this is very cheap.
  • Premium – Also, give your email sending a push with incredible features like A/B testing, multiuser collaboration, and marketing automation at just 9.65$.
  • Enterprise – Furthermore, a dedicated account manager with many plans you can create and customize.


Conclusion –

Cheers!! I hope you have gone through all the TurboSMTP alternatives mentioned in this article. These were filtered on the basis of pricing and features which I found reasonable. But before you swipe in your credit cards,  you should know that there is a demo or a free trial available with each of these services. So try them out individually before buying.

Also, if you have any doubts about any of these software or email marketing ecosystem, in general, I will surely love to help. Please leave your feedback in the comment section below, it will help us improve.

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