Are you looking for 5 best Sendinblue alternatives? Well, you are at the right place.

Sendinblue is awesome because even in its free package you can send 300 emails per day just by signing up. Not only that it is perhaps the only email marketing service that allows you to send SMSes for marketing.

But the main problem is, some services can deliver more emails than Sendinblue in the same pricing range. Furthermore, it lacks many features like list cleaning, SMTP routing, multi-user access, and advanced integrations.


So whatever your reasons are you may want to upgrade your email sending abilities to something better. But remember this is 2022 and the digital market is swamped with a ton of free and cheap Sendinblue alternatives.

That is why I took one for the team and have jotted down the 5 best Sendinblue alternatives for you. Come have a look.

     Quick Comparison Between The Best Sendinblue Alternatives
ServiceBasic Plan EmailsSMTP Routing Workflow Automation
Pabbly Email Marketing  $29/mUnlimitedUnlimited
HubSpot $800/mUnlimitedNANA

1. Pabbly Email Marketing – The Best Sendinblue Alternative

“It is like the genie that grants wishes like unlimited emails, multi-user access, workflows, autoresponders and more even in their basic pricing”

Pabbly Email Marketing leads the pecking order as you can send unlimited emails at a fraction of cost with its own inbuilt SMTP. And this comes with very high inbox placement rates of 99% which is significantly higher than known industrial benchmarks. Give access to multiple members of your team and integrate it with other web applications like form builders, subscriptions, etc.

Another important feature that sets Pabbly Email Marketing apart is SMTP routing which means you have the luxury to add different external SMTPs while sending bulk emails. Also, no programming skill is required for embedding, just sign in and start email campaigning at once.

Pabbly Email Marketing - The Best Sendinblue Alternative


  • Import Emails – From your former email marketing services you can easily import old emails to your new list within Pabbly Email Marketing. No need for extra codes or technical skills just place those email addresses into your new list.
  • Email Tracking – Individual reports per customer with their locations, data on the opened, clicked, unsubscribed, spam emails can be accessed easily.
  • Workflow Automation – You can build unlimited workflows to automate many processes to save both time and energy. Do remember that while Sendinblue provides access to workflows only in their upgraded plans, Pabbly Email Marketing offers it even in their basic plans.
  • Drag & Drop Builder – Not only it provides a plethora of stunning email templates but also provides an intuitive drag & drop email builder to compose stunning emails.
  • SMTP Routing – While sending emails, you have the flexibility of connecting it multiple external SMTPs of your choice like Amazon SES, Sparkpost, etc. The emails to be sent can be segregated on the basis of flat or percentage. This improves your inbox placement rates by reducing bounces.
  • 2X Open Rates – By sending an automatic follow-up email to non-open emails, it ensures higher open rates than its peers.
  • Autoresponder – Set up auto trigger emails for welcoming more participants, renewals & confirmations, and engagements.Send emails when they make a payment, or on his/her birthdays and anniversaries to show your client that you care. Rain emails for unsubscribing, and abandoned shopping cart.
  • Security – Their security infrastructure has layers of barriers to protect confidential information from insidious attacks. These security layers include active scanning, SSL protection, and firewalls.
  • MX Cleaner – To improve upon your deliverability rates you can scrub away invalid or unresponsive email addresses to ensure a healthy email list.


Pabbly Email Marketing provides services in four simple plans These plans are based on the number of subscribers.

  • Forever Free – As you can see, it is totally free. Send 12,000 emails to 1,100 subscribers per month at $0.
  • Rookie – Send unlimited emails to 5000 subscribers at just $29. Furthermore, you will have access to all the above-mentioned features.
  • Pro – Their most popular plan as one can dispatch unlimited emails to 15,000 subscribers at just $49 per month.
  • Advance – Send unlimited emails to 50,000 subscribers at just $99 charged monthly.

Enterprise Plan – Dispatch bulk emails to more than 1 million subscribers, then you may have to contact their support team to get the details.

Note: While purchasing, you should always go for their yearly plan as you can save 20%.


2. Moosend – Sendinblue Alternative With An Edge

With Moosend you can create a beautiful newsletter with an endless source of visuals from Giphy, Instagram, and Google Drive. Win the e-commerce game by making casual subscribers to frequent customers with discount codes, product blocks, and recommendations.

Easy to set a campaign schedule and dabble with A/B testing to bet the maximum deliverability. Probably the only service which allows you to add online videos in their newsletters.

Moosend - Sendinblue Alternative With An Edge


  • Mobile Editor – Come with an Inbuilt email editor which also provides drag & drop. Has an inbuilt timer feature to show the urgency to your customers landing page builder for ultrafast loading page in the mobile.
  • Workflow Templates – No need for any stress as no coding is required to automate workflows.
  • Stimulate Emails – Create stunning emails with advanced personalization on a recommendation based on weather and product patterns.
  • List Segmentation – Refine the subscriber’s list on the basis of data like high cart abandonment rates, unopened emails and bad email addresses to build a very healthy emailing list.
  • Embedding – Just copy a couple and you are ready to dispatch your first emails.
  • Custom Opt-in Form – Create custom subscription forms in minutes to get more lead entries.


  • Free – This includes subscription forms and email sending to a limited number of subscribers.
  • Pro – Dispatch unlimited emails for just $8 per month, more benefits include inbuilt SMTP, transactional emails, and landing pages.
  • Enterprise – Customize your own plan if the subscriber’s count exceeds 200k or you can request a custom plan from their sales executives.


3. Pepipost – An AI-Powered Email Marketer

Pepipost has shattered a record for delivery over 8 billion emails in a month and that too in lightning-fast delivery speeds. The APIs ensure easy integration so that you can start dispatching emails in less than 100 seconds with SMTP relay, API, or Plugins.

The best is your email campaigning deliverability is increased with the presence of artificial intelligence at your side.

Pepipost - An AI-Powered Email Marketer


  • Email API – The programmers get access to many libraries like Phyton, C++ CURL and more to tweak several API attributes related to embedding and integration.
  • Email Tracking – Track an email’s entire lifecycle and its data is stored for 90 days. Bring spam blocking, response and queue management
  • Artificial Intelligence – Uses heavy machine learning skills to configure a number of parallel connections to improve delivery rates and reducing bounce rates.
  • Subaccount Management – Under one master account these are child accounts. Each has its own login credentials, SMTP, IP addresses, and statistics. Through these subaccounts, you can perform experiments, find glitches and then confidently sent emails.


There is a slider, which can be dragged left and right on their webpage. If you move the slider towards the right the email numbers rise and axiomatically the price. However, their most popular plan is priced at $145 / month which can send 600,000 emails.



4. Automizy – A Versatile Alternative Of Sendinblue

Automizy promises to increase your open rates by 34% and the migration rates are totally free. You can improve your mailing list with modern signup forms, CSV imports, and other API integrations.

Experiment with subject line A/B testing and set automatic resender to non-openers. Every plan comes with unlimited user access and premium customer support.

Automizy - A Versatile Alternative Of Sendinblue


  • Email Editor – A simple yet modern Drag & drop editor with a ton of newsletter templates to build incredible emails from scratch.
  • Tagging – Tag different email addresses on the basis of their common interests and start dispatching emails at your convenience.
  • Tracking Results –  Also, have reports on campaign, automation, email performance, and form leads in a format that even a beginner can understand. It is a key feature for any Sendinblue alternatives.
  • Authentication – Offers DKIM authentication with unlimited sub-accounts for you to test and try the best mediums of email flow.
  • Integration – Furthermore, add more apps with native integrations while others can be patched with Zapier and public API.


Their pricing is based on the number of contacts/subscribers you have in your mailing list

For minimum pricing of just 9$, you can send unlimited emails to 200 contacts. Further moving the slider towards the right the price and the contact list rise axiomatically. There is a custom plan at the end. Besides you can cancel or downgrade the plan with ease with no fine. There is a 14 day trial period and no credit card details need to start the trial period.


5. HubSpot – Email Marketing Package At Your Door Step

Now for years, HubSpot has been the numero uno choice for many big scale industries as it comes as total buddle with email marketing & automation tools, form builders, landing pages, and analytic software to name a few. Therefore it is a bit costlier than its peers but the return on investment is simply steak sauce.

HubSpot - Email Marketing Package At Your Door Step


  • CRM – As mentioned HubSpot is a bundle, with next-level customer relationship management software to keep their database and present them as different portfolios based on their behaviors, interests and other related identities.
  • Email Editor – Also, the goal-based templates make it easy to add calls-to-action, customize the layout, and even alter colors to resonate with your brand. The premium package includes editing and then inserting your custom logo.
  • Inbuilt SMTP – Furthermore, since HubSpot has been in this game for a significant amount of time, it comes in with its own inbuilt SMTP with multiple relays to send emails, therefore the delivery is fast and reliable without any glitches.
  • Email Automation – Dispatch emails on time-triggered events emails and set automated transactional emails with ease. This makes it one of the Sendinblue alternatives.


There is a free version available with some limited features that is why we will be discussing only the paid version. At $800/month, you have the power to send unlimited emails, contact management, contact insights, and placing ads in Facebook, Instagram, and Google. The best part is there is a demo version available to try it out.


Conclusion –

There you go!! I have covered the best Sendinblue alternatives. These were filtered on the basis of pricing and features which I found quite fair. But hey, don’t take my words for granted, there is a free trial available with all these software for a time being. Check them out individually, before buying.

Also, if you find any credible information that I have missed while covering these services do comment below. I will surely take a note of it.

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