Eureka! Eureka! screamed Archimedes in excitement as he ran through the streets of Sicily because he had finally discovered buoyancy. Likewise, this is your eureka moment as you are going to discover the best PayPal payment forms in this article. But first,let me give a little info about PayPal.

PayPal with a market cap of $112 billion is the undisputed king of the payment processing world. For example in the last quarter itself, it billed more than $4.9 billion in payment transactions. Furthermore, Forbes projects PayPal’s market share to grow over 109% by the next financial year. All this is because PayPal provides a seamless and secure money movement on all electronic channels.


So PayPal is cool, we get it. But what is the use of payment forms for PayPal? Well, payment forms glues your e-commerce website with payment processors like PayPal. It acts as a middle man to collect customer information, like name, product types, billing addresses, and more. Simply put, without them, your customer will have a tough time between selecting products and billing.

So, now that I have your attention on payment forms, you should know that the digital market is flooded with cheap and free form creators to choose from. But I believe every decent form builder must have these mandatory attributes to be called as a worthy payment form.

  • Multi Payment Gateways
  • Unlimited Plans
  • Tracking & Analytics
  • Multiple Currencies Listing
  • Data Security
  • Unlimited Product Catalogue

Now, keeping these mandatory features in mind, along with reasonable pricing. I have zeroed in on these five form builders that work in tandem with Paypal as perfect payment forms.

     Quick Comparison Between The PayPal Payment Forms
ServiceBasic PlanLead CaptureUsers Storage
Pabbly Form Builder$120/yUnlimitedUnlimitedLimitless
Ninja Forms$99/yNAMultiNA
Cognito Forms$120/y20,0002100MB
Formidable Forms$89/yUnlimited1NA
123FormBuilder $220/y50001NA

1. Pabbly Form Builder – The Best PayPal Payment Form

“All it takes is just 10 bucks to integrate it with multiple payment processors to generate unlimited revenues, submissions, email alerts, storage, and more.”

Pabbly Form Builder tops hierarchy as in just 10$ one can embed Paypal for unlimited payment processing. Not only PayPal but you can insert other payment gateways like Stripe, Razorpay, and many more. Furthermore, you insert multiple catalogs with unlimited products, list quantity, and currencies in line with different billing models. Also, get notified immediately through automatic emails on form submissions/transactions.

Additionally, it comes with 250+ stunning pre-built templates to give you a head start. Moreover, you can create forms with unlimited upload options and weave complex conditional logic to construct multi-page forms. Furthermore, you can monitor your respondent’s activities with a ton of analytical tools.

The best part is there is no need for any technical skill, just log in, create a form, embed it, and start billing revenues.

Pabbly Form Builder - The Best PayPal Payment Form


  • Payment Gateways – As mentioned earlier not just Paypal, you can embed multiple payment gateways like Stripe, Razorpay, etc to collect unlimited payments. Moreover, you can work on different billing models like one time, recurring or based on cycles. Not just payment gateways, bring life to your forms with integrations like Mailchimp, GetResponse, Google Analytics, and more.
  • Currency Standards – As a merchant, you can expand your outreach by giving multiple currency standards. Simply put, your customers will have the choice to pay in whatever currency they like, not just dollars.
  • Drag & Drop builder – Furthermore, you can create a ton of forms of diverse niches from scratch using a very intuitive drag & drop builder. Besides, if there is no time, work on ready to use form templates that are pre-optimized, and mobile responsive. Moreover, you can add the starfield, so that your customers can rate your products.
  • Embedding – Also, you can easily grab your visitor’s attention by embedding your forms in different ways like pop up, sliding, or single forms.
  • Security – All the data regarding your customer is safe from any DDOS attacks using SSL protection. Moreover, to prevent spams from destroying your form entries, you can add a reCAPTCHA field.
  • Save & Resume – May times your visitors may not complete their forms, hence with Pabbly Form Builder these partially filled forms can be saved and finished in sessions.
  • Tracking – You can have the entries of the forms in compact size as PDFs but also track various attributes of customers like IP address, operating system, and country of origin.
  • Thank You Pages – When your visitor has submitted the form, they will receive auto thanks you message. Moreover, you can customize these, thank you messages to make it more warm and friendly by adding emoticons, images and changing the fonts.
  • Auto Responders – You and your customer will be immediately notified through automatic emails on payment completion or form submissions.
  • Custom Branding – The invoices and payment forms will carry your own customized company logo.


In paltry $10 per form you can have unlimited submissions, views, storage, embedding, and payment integrations.

2. Ninja Forms –  A Form Builder Precise As Shuriken

With Ninja Forms, you can build form entries in more than 16 languages to capture leads from different countries. Moreover, as a payment form, it allows integrations with PayPal, Recurly, Evalon, and Stripe. Furthermore, you can set up payment conditions like single, subscriptions,user-entered amounts or fixed variables. Also, the payment data is secure with GDPR norms and protected from bots attacks using fields like reCAPTCHA.

Ninja Forms -  A Form Builder Precise As Shuriken


  • Payment Processing – Not just payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Evalon, you can even add the customer’s credit card as a payment option. Furthermore, to segment, the payment data, have access to multiple CRM integrations.
  • Form Building – You can easily build a payment form by using a “radio list” or “select field” to add multiple products, then add a calculating field, to sum up, the products total. All these fields can be inserted using a drag & drop builder.
  • Email Marketing – You can send/receive automatic emails on completion/failure of payments. Moreover, even in the starter plan, they come with a ton of email marketing widgets like MailChimp, Emma, Email Octopus, ConvertKit, and more.
  • Analytics – Track the anomalies like half-filled forms, improve upon your entries, and know visitors’ attributes like his payment preference, country of origin, and more.
  • Import/Export – Not only you can use external CRMs or cloud solutions to import a customer’s data to the terminal but also can export the data as PDFs, Google Sheets, or even Excel.


  • Personal – In $49 embed forms on a single website but have access to unlimited uploads, multi-payment facilities, submissions, and add-ons.
  • Professional – This is their popular plan which can build forms on 20+ sites. Other features include user management logins, external CRMs, and reviewing post creation forms.
  • Agency – At massive $249/month it provides every feature from the professional plan with unlimited views, submissions, uploads add-ons, integrations with Salesforce, Zoho, and super-advanced analytics.
  • A LA CARTE – Construct forms on 20+ websites and have access to priority customer support with and massive storage capacities and10+ email marketing integrations.

3. Formidable Forms – A Formidable Approach To Collect Revenues

Easily hook it to your WordPress site and start payment processing using payment plugins like PayPal, Authorize.Net, Stripe, and WooCommerce. Moreover, you can connect Formidableforms with all major CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce and embed with 1500+ applications using Zapier.

Since it is a WordPress plugin it automatically rejects any websites without the SSL certificates thus ensuring payment security. The best part is you even add an electronic signature box so that your customer can sign it digitally thus legitimizing the transaction.

Formidable Forms - A Formidable Approach To Collect Revenues


  • Email Notification – After the transaction, an immediate confirmation email will be sent to you and the customer. Here you have a ton of options regarding the email’s marketing software like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and more. Also, if not satisfied then, you can use the Twilio SMS Notification addon to receive SMSes.
  • Payment Processing – You can insert multiple products into different catalogs on the basis of quantity and dimensions. Furthermore add calculating or cascading lookup fields to generate the total price. Also, using conditional logic in the radio button field you can set options like “pay through PayPal ” or ” pay through credit card” as different options.
  • Security – Moreover, you can protect data of your forms using anti-spam options like reCAPTCHA, Akismet, Honeypot, and WordPress comment blacklister.
  • Form Building – Also, create mesmerizing WordPress forms with conditional logic, repeater fields, dynamic prefilled fields, and multi-page forms.
  • RTL Shift – Moreover, you can search for entries and filter dynamically by users, dates, and regions. Also, with regard to Semitic languages, you can create forms with RTL tests.
  • WhiteLabel Forms – Furthermore, set up your own logo and taglines in all forms, submissions, and invoices.


  • Basic – At $99.38 /year have access to unlimited forms, with multiple file uploads and addons like MailChimp and Aweber.
  • Business – In $199/year you can have payment processor integrations like PayPal, digital signature fields, and connections through Zapier. Moreover have access to priority support, user registrations, and add-ons like Twilio SMS, WPML, GetResponse. Furthermore, you can build forms in 15 sites.
  • Elite – This package comes with more payment gateway add-ons like Stripe, Also, you can create forms on multiple sites, elite support, and numerous addons like HubSpot, Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, and WooCommerce.

4. 123FormBuilder – A Versatile Payment Form

You can embed powerful forms to your e-store and get money rolling with payment integrations like PayPal, Square, Stripe, and others. Moreover, you can add multiple PayPal accounts on the same form. Besides the payment section comes pre-divided as calculations, payment processors, and notifications for ease of use.

Furthermore, you can automate many of your data collection processes. Also, you can track and get real-time reports in graphical presentations.

123FormBuilder - A Versatile Payment Form


  • Payment Gateways – As mentioned, you can integrate more than 14+ payment gateways which include PayPal, Stripe, and more. Furthermore, you can add advanced price calculation fields, place coupon codes, and dispatch confirmations per payment gateway.
  • Payment Testing – You can use the sandbox option to test the working of the payment processor as if you are a customer. This can be immensely useful to reduce some errors especially since money is involved.
  • Form Building – Furthermore, you can list your products in a single choice, drop-down, or multiple choice. Moreover create a donation form with a single text, number, and donation button. Furthermore, if you are feeling lazy then just scan a paper form and import it as a genuine digital online form.
  • Data Analysis – You can set data as per real-time reports, with insights on payment collection and revenue leakage. Moreover, the data can be exported as spreadsheets to your harddisk.
  • Security – Furthermore, you can secure the forms with anti-spam protection, country filter, IP limitation, SSL encryption, password protection, and custom field validation.


  • Basic – This platform is totally free and can create 5 forms to collect numerous submissions. However, the total number of users is restricted to 1 and can do API calls 100 per day.
  • Gold – In $24.99/month create unlimited forms, with massive 20,000 submissions. User access is again restricted to 1 but get report filters, email notifications, reference IDs, conditional logic, etc.
  • Platinum – This big business plan at $44.99 involves unlimited submissions and unlimited entries. Moreover, bring 14+ payment integrations and a ton of embedding through Webhooks.

5. Cognito Forms – A Versatile Paypal Payment Form

Cognito Forms comes with templates that already contain payment fields like catering deposit, membership, dues, basic sales form, etc. Payment gateways like PayPal, Square, and Stripe can be easily integrated with the form. You can even keep a card on file with higher plans while at the same time being PCI complaint. Moreover, you can list several products and plans in just one form.

Cognito Forms - A Versatile Paypal Payment Form


  • Lookup Field – You can auto-populate drop down, display text borrowed from other entries and perform basic calculations.
  • Import Entries – Furthermore, you can use excel to add entries to the form.
  • Save And Resume – Moreover, your customers can restart their form filling on their partially completed forms.
  • Electronic Signatures – Add fields that can accept electronic signatures of your customers for extra validation.
  • Analytics – Use tracking and analytics to know the referral sources, on-site behaviors, demographics, user geography, and devices used.


  • Individual – At 0$ create unlimited forms for 1 user and storage of 100 MB.
  • Pro – In just $10, the user access is increased to 2 with 2000 entries and storage increased to 1 GB.
  • Team – Build unlimited forms with 5 user access and storage of 10 GB.
  • Enterprise – Gives access to 50 users and unlimited entries with storage upgraded to 100 GB.

Conclusion –

While reading these PayPal payments forms, you clearly might have got the echo ‘Eureka, I got the one’. Well then, I am happy for you. But before you purchase it, you should go for their free trial or demo version available.

Also, if you have any doubts regarding form builders or PayPal ecosystem, please leave a comment below. I would love to help.

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