Tired of searching for the best payment tracking software for your business? Then, look no further, as you have come to the right place.

Keeping a track of financial assessment is a very crucial deal for every business. Doesn’t matter if you are handling a small business or large, having a payment tracking software is a must. And want to know why? Because it helps to monitor the entire financial information and metrics like MRR, ARR, net revenue, churn rate, etc.

Best Payment Tracking Software

But here comes a question, on what particular basis a payment tracking software should be considered as the best fit for business?

Well, to help you with that brainstorming, let me tell you some of the key features that should be mandatory if you opt for payment tracking software. Thus, the important features are:

  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Dunning Management
  • Tracking/Filtering Indicators
  • Segmentation

Keeping all the above-mentioned features in mind, we have shortlisted the 5 best payment tracking software just for you. So, without wasting any of your time, let’s start to roll.

     Quick Comparison Between The Best Payment Tracking Software
ServiceBasic PlanTransaction Fee
(In %)
Dunning Management Revenue Limit
Pabbly Subscription Billing$19/m0Unlimited
BaremetricsGet QuoteNANA

1. Pabbly Subscription Billing  – Best Payment Tracking Software

“The only software available in the market that doesn’t restrict users on any features by offering unlimited revenues, integrations, products and much more even in a basic plan.”

The foremost in our list of best payment tracking software is Pabbly Subscription Billing with its affordable pricing. It comes with payment analytics features through which you can easily track payments details that are generated from various gateways. Also, it helps you to reduce credit card decline and get comprehensive reports on payment flow through dunning management.

Moreover, it gives you a complete detailed report of the customer sales which includes MRR, ARPU, churn rate, along with canceled, failed, and due transaction so that you can send follow up notifications to your users. Further, this tool offers you an advanced API framework by which you can easily integrate this software into a variety of SaaS-based and other applications.

Besides, it enables you to bill unlimited revenue at zero transaction costs at very nominal pricing and allows you to effortlessly collect one-time & recurring payments. Furthermore, you can also collect payments securely through multiple payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, Razorpay, Authorize.net and many more.

Pabbly Subscription Billing  - Best Payment Tracking Software


  • Interactive Dashboard – It offers you details of every new subscribers, cancellations, refunds, and rebills for each client. Besides, in the below section, the customer’s data such as name, email, live status, and product type is displayed.
  • Invoicing – With the help of this feature, you can send automatically generated invoices to your customers through emails informing them regarding their purchase.
  • Tax Management – Further, it allows you to create multilingual checkout pages that are in compliance with the tax laws based on user’s countries, province, region, etc.
  • Client Portal – Besides, using this feature users can check and manage their subscription payments, edit their profile, products, download invoices, etc.
  • Plan Upgrade/Downgrade – Moreover, it enables users to upgrade or downgrade their plan using the software.
  • Affiliate Management – Furthermore, it comes with an inbuilt affiliate module so that you can manage the affiliate program and double revenue.


  • Starter – This plan offers 50 customers at the cost of $19 per month.
  • Rookie – Subsequently, its rookie plan provides 100 customers for $37 per month.
  • Pro – Moreover, this plan allows you to access 150 customers at the price of $57/m.
  • Advanced – Next, you can also opt for its advanced plan that offers 250 customers for $79/m.
  • Enterprise – Lastly, in order to avail its enterprise plan, one needs to contact the sales team of the company.

Note – Pabbly Subscription Billing offers amazing discounts on all its yearly plan.

2. Putler – Versatile Payment Tracking Tool

Secondly, we would like to recommend Putler as another best payment tracking software. It comes with a real-time reporting feature of the business that includes an insight of sales, visitors, purchase made, etc. Moreover, it provides access to 150+ key indicators in order to segment and track the payment data.

Putler – Versatile Payment Tracking Tool


  • Dashboard –Its interactive dashboard allows you to build profiles, track payments, average sales, etc along with managing subscriptions and issue refunds 10x faster.
  • Profitability Analysis – Besides, using this feature, it helps you to identify what brings more revenue to your business/organization.
  • Payment Integrations – Moreover, you can consolidate multiple payment gateways, stores along with automatic de-duplication.
  • Strategic Planning – Further, it provides you a detailed strategy and planning in order to enhance the business.


  • Starter – Its starter plan costs you $29 per month for 300 orders.
  • Growth – Moreover, this plan comes at a price of $79 monthly for 3000 orders.
  • Scale – Subsequently, this scale plan costs you $249 per month for 10,000 orders.

3. Baremeterics – Business Intelligence Software

Next, in our list of best payment tracking software is Baremeterics with its budget-friendly pricing. It is a payment analytics tool that provides you several metrics like MRR, ARR, LTV, churn rate, net revenue, refunds, etc. Moreover, this software comes up with the most helpful insights in order to make profitable decisions to take up the business to another level.

Baremeterics - Business Intelligence Software


  • Interactive Dashboard – It comes with an interactive dashboard that gives a prompt comparison of everything from customer churn to recurring revenue.
  • Cancellation Insights – With the help of this feature, it provides insights into the canceled plan so that you can take significant action to dodge it.
  • People Insight – Further, it offers rich segmentation, resonating consumer feedbacks in order to enhance the conversion rates.
  • Trial Insight – Moreover, this feature enables you to keep track of conversion rates, trial lengths, canceled trails, and many more.


  • It costs $50 per month for a business with MRR $0 – $5000/m.
  • Subsequently, it costs $75 monthly for the business whose monthly revenue is $15,000 per month.
  • Moreover, it charges $300 per month for business with revenue of $250,000/m.
  • Lastly, it has a custom plan for the business with higher demands.

4. Invoicera – Invoice Billing Platform

Subsequently, Invoicera is another best payment tracing tool that comes at a reasonable price. Its easy invoicing feature comes with invoice automation, project management, auto-billing, time tracking and many more. Moreover, it supports multiple currencies and allows you to send invoices in 15 different languages along with 30 payment gateway options for online payments.

Invoicera – Invoice Billing Platform


  • Dashboard – The dashboard of Invoicera provides a collection of graphs that displays your recent activity and financial state.
  • Project Management – Moreover, this feature enables you to organize your projects and build client lists, manage project growth and reports, all in one place.
  • Automated Late Payment Reminders – Further, using it, one can easily send reminders to the users regarding their late and due payments.
  • Scheduled Invoices – Besides, you can also schedule invoices in order to send it to the customer at a specific date of the month.


  • Pro – In this plan at the yearly cost of $32.76 you will get 100 clients.
  • Business – Moreover, at a yearly cost of $131.87 you can get up to 1000 subscribers.
  • Infinite – Subsequently, its infinite plan comes at the price of $263.75 per year for unlimited clients.

5. Incluziv – A Complete Sales Distribution System

Last but not the least, in our list of best payment tracking software, we would like to recommend Incluziv. It comes with an inclusive customer center that provides you guidance by tracking several inputs like pricing, discounts, catalog assigned, etc. Moreover, Incluziv enables its customer to manage their transactions through its Android and iOS apps.

Incluziv - A Complete Sales Distribution System


  • Common Dashboard – This software provides an easy to use dashboard in order to understand the situation of business easily and effectively.
  • Easy Order Lifecycle Tracking – Moreover, it allows you to easily track orders by easily mapping the entire steps thoroughly for the CRM and other users in the system.
  • Payment Reminders – Furthermore, you can notify customers automatically by sending them email and SMS regarding their check bounces, due payments, etc.
  • Detailed Reporting – Besides, it enables you to track business health with the help of graphical reports to know about the goods which are selling or not.


  • Professional – It offers two Professional plan one at $159 for 4 weeks and another at $2252 for 60 weeks with 20 users and 7000 products.
  • Enterprise – Next, this plan is completely customizable for which you need to contact the sales team.

Conclusion –

Finally!! These are the top 5 best payment tracking software that we would like to recommend. You can compare their features and pricing easily and pick the best suitable for your business/organization. Moreover, they also offer a free trial so that you can use it by yourself.

Whichever service you choose for your business, just make sure that it meets all your requirements. So, what are you waiting or? Get up and pick the best one by yourself. And if you have any query feel free to write it in the comment section below. We will be happy to help.

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