When it comes to bulk email marketing there are many free as well as paid email service providers that came in line. But, to choose a perfect software for your email marketing campaigns, you’ll need a service that already a pro.

Paid Email Service Providers

You always need a service that cheap and fulfils your campaign requirements. For instance, if your requirement is to automate the email replies based on a customer’s response then the service must be able to do so. An affordable one with the scope to scale further will be excellent. As it not only satisfies the present scenario of the campaign but also gives you exposure for newer possibilities like integrations to landing page services, CRM software, Zapier etc. Moreover, you will also need a service that is proven by its user over quality standards such as the support, interface etc.

To reduce the hassle of manually testing many services and then selecting one, we’ve listed out the already tested email marketing Software. This article contains a list of the best free & paid email service provides available in the market. Also, the listing is based on the fair reviews and manual testing so as to ensure the guarantee.

Quick Comparison Between Best Paid Email Service Providers
ServiceBasic Plan SMTP RoutingFeaturesEmails/ Subscribers
Pabbly Email Marketing$29/mAllUnlimited Emails
Pepipost$85/mAll400K Emails
SendinBlue$39/mEssential60K Emails
Moosend$30/mAll4.5K Subscribers

After this quick comparison about the listings, let’s have a brief discussion over all the services.

1. Pabbly Email Marketing – Best In Paid Email Service Providers

“Pabbly Email Marketing is the only service in this list providing SMTP routing.”

This service not only provides an in-build SMTP server but also lets you connect the external ones. This means you can easily switch between multiple SMTP servers that give you the best deliverability for your email campaign.

Most importantly, this is the only service in the list that provides access to all the advanced features even in the basic plan. These advanced features include marketing automation, MX cleaner, email tracking, autoresponder, subscription forms and much more.

Pabbly Email Marketing


  • MX Cleaner – There are always wrong and bad emails in the raw email lists. Using this feature of Pablly Email Marketing you can remove those bad emails. This is an important step towards increasing the open rate.
  • Marketing Automation – Marketing automation can ease up to 97% of your email marketing work. As it allows you to make a complete flow of the user’s interaction. After easily setting certain triggers, you don’t need to do anything manually for almost any of your customers.
  • Drag and Drop Email Builder – The UI for creating emails is very easy-to-use and you can make emails with simple drag and drop options. Also, it renders multiple text-formatting tools for adjusting the content as per your will. Further, there are numerous templates also available that are ready to use right away.
  • 2X Open Rate – There are multiple features that focus on the open rate of your email campaign. An automatic resent has been set for the non-opened emails to increase the open rate.
  • Subscription Form – To grow leads it enables an option for creating the subscription forms. You can embed these forms anywhere and collect leads.
  • Email Tracking – You can track your email campaigns their open rate, click rate, and spam.
  • Autoresponder – Using this feature will you can set automatic response emails depending on the actions that your email receiver takes.


Pabbly Email Marketing offers three paid pricing plans along with a free plan.

  • Forever Free – This plan is completely free i.e, you won’t need to spend a single penny for this particular plan. Moreover, it allows sending 15K emails to 1.1K subscribers.
  • Rookie – In $29/month, this plan allows you to send unlimited emails to 5K subscribers.
  • Pro – The pro plan can cost up to $ 49/month for 15K Subscribers.
  • Advanced – This plan ranges from 50K to 1000K over subscribers. And the price ranges from $99 to $1599 every month.

2. Pepipost – Open Source Email Service Provider

Pepipost is only open-source bulk email marketing service amongst all the other free and paid email service providers. Consequently, it is also the most developer-friendly service. It is a cost-effective software with advanced functionalities like email API, in-built SMTP and Webhooks.



  • Email Builder – It provides a drag-and-drop email builder to create emails easily in no time.
  • Bounce Forwarding – Papipost notifies the server while a bounce occurs so that the server could resent an email after corrections in address id required.
  • HTML Templates – It provides pre-designed HTML email templates that are fully customizable.
  • Email API – Using the email API, your developers can implement functionalities like marketing automation & multi-user interface within this service.


Pepipost is a paid email service provider and offers both monthly and annual pricing plans. The pricing of this software is based on the number of emails.

  • Lowest Plan – The lowest plan enables you to send 150K emails in $25/month.
  • Popular Plan – The popular plan of Papipost can cost up to $145 to send 600K emails.
  • Highest Plan – With this plan, you can send 2000K emails in $445 per month.

3. SendinBlue – Paid Email Service Providers

SendinBlue is just another paid email service provider that helps you in keeping your growing audience engaged. The cost is a little higher, but it has much-advanced features like drip emailing & SMS marketing.



  • Email Templates – SendinBlue offers 10+ pre-designed email template. You can quickly edit any of these templates as per your requirement & use instantly.
  • Drag & Drop Builder – This service provides an excellent UI to design email templates from scratch by using this interface. Also, you can add personalized parameters other than the first name dynamically from your website.
  • Monitor Performance – It provides statistics to monitor the performance of your email campaign and contains information regarding the opens, clicks, spam etc.
  • Contact Segmentation – This feature allows making multiple email lists. You can select lists based on your campaign email sending requirements.


SendinBlue renders four monthly plans along with a free plan. These plans are based on the features that it enables in every plan.

  • Free Plan – This plan allows you to send 300 emails/day for an unlimited number of contacts.
  • Lite Plan – Lite plan can cost up to $25 for 40K emails/month along with all the free features.
  • Essential Plan – This plan costs around $39 for 60K emails/month. It includes all the lite features and A/B testing, advanced statistics & in addition to this it also enables you to remove the brand logo.
  • Premium Plan – The cost for this plan is $66 for 120K emails per month. With additional features Facebook ads, landing pages, marketing automation, chat & multi-user access.
  • Enterprise Plan – The enterprise plan includes all the features the service promises for marketers. and you must contact the sales team of the service for pricing details.

4. SendPulse – Multi-Channel Marketing Service

SendPulse is a multi-channel marketing solution providing bulk email service. This service also provides almost a dozen or two basic as well as advanced functionalities such as convenient email editor, automation, subscriber rating and many more.



  • Convenient Email Editor – SendPulse drag and drop email editor that helps you create professional emails in no time.
  • Automation 360 – Using this feature of the service you can set up email sent-out, web push notifications, & SMS. The flow is based on variables, events, & the actions that your users will take.
  • Subscriber Rating  – This feature is much like the email analytics as is gives the reports regarding the opens and clicks of the email campaigns.
  • Personalize Your Emails – SendPulse provides a variable feature that lets you insert name or any information you have about your customers in the emails.


SendPulse offers a free plan for 500 subscribers. Although, for large businesses, it offers monthly subscription and the pay as you go deals. Ranging from $32 to $812 every month for 10K to 500K emails respectively.

5. Moosend – All-in-One Marketing Platform

Moosend is another all in one marketing platforms that provides mass email marketing. It provides multiple basic as well as advanced features such as segmentation, email personalization, analytics and much more.



  • Email List Segmentation – Moosend allows you to apply countless filters on lists to break down your audience based on their behaviour.
  • Data Analytics – Moosend provides data analytics for email opens, clicks, social shares and unsubscribes.
  • Advanced Personalization – Send highly relevant emails based on your customer’s behaviour that stands out. Such as previous purchases & abandoned items.
  • A/B testing – You can test subject lines, videos and various other email elements b keeping them side by side.


Moosend offers both monthly and yearly subscription plans. The pricing varies based on the number of subscribers. Below is the pricing for 500 subscribers

  • Free Plan – With two core features you can send unlimited email using this plan to 500 subscribers.
  • Pro – The pro plan costs around $10/month with four additional features.
  • Enterprise – This would be much like a custom plan and you need to contact the sales team of this service for the pricing.

In Conclusion:

This was our catch on the best paid email service providers out there. Moreover, some of these also provide free plans so I personally suggest you to try them and get an idea of how the service is gonna be.

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