They say, when you need something dearly the whole universe conspires to get it for you. You want the best Mailchimp alternatives, well the universe listened and made me write this article for you.

Mailchimp is huge in the email marketing world, it was placed on 7th rank by Forbes Cloud 100 lists. Its postal chimpanzees have delivered over a billion emails in the last financial year alone. Moreover, it offers an awesome email builder, easy embedding, workflows, tracking, and many other tools for email campaigning.

Best MailChimp Alternative

But despite this, there are many who are not content with Mailchimp, the reasons include lack of good customer support,
transactional emails, and strong data privacy.

Pricing is another contentious issue that annoys many, for example, the Essential plan is at $9.99 but the Premium plan is priced at $299. Now that is a massive 3200% jump from being cheap to extremely expensive just for the addition of key features like segmentation and A/B testing which is otherwise free in many software.

Moreover, they have been constantly updating their pricing for the last three years, and clients have refused to keep up with their charades.

So whatever your problems are, you should know that the digital world always has some replacements, some may be free and others cheap. But when it comes to mass email marketing there are some features mandatory for a decent email marketer.

  • Affordability
  • Segmentation
  • Customer Support
  • Strong Data Privacy

So, on the basis of pricing and features, I have rounded up 5 Mailchimp alternatives that will definitely ease your troubles a little bit.

Quick Comparison Between The Mailchimp Alternatives
ServiceBasic Plan EmailsSMTP Routing Workflow Automation
Pabbly Email Marketing  $29/mUnlimitedUnlimited
Constant Contact $20/mUnlimited
Getresponse $10/m10,000NANA

1. Pabbly Email Marketing – The Best Mailchimp Alternative

“It is the only software that showers us with features like unlimited emails, workflows, autoresponders, inbuilt SMTP, and more in its starter plan.”

Pabbly Email Marketing tops the leaderboard as it can deliver unlimited emails through its inbuilt SMTP at most economical rates. Furthermore, you can connect with multiple external SMTPs to get 99% inbox placement rates which are higher than the required industrial benchmarks. Have access to 24×7 customer support and the best data privacy standards.

Moreover, welcome new customers with autoresponder and seed the inbox with informative newsletters using auto email marketing. Furthermore, have access to regular A/B testing to improve your email flow. Also, get 500+ email templates and paste the company’s logo in all your emails. And the best part is, there is no need for any technical skills just embed a couple of APIs to hook it in the application.

Pabbly Email Marketing - The Best Mailchimp Alternative


  • Automated Marketing – On-time or trigger-based set events, Pabbly Email Marketing automatically shoots emails from an array of composed drafts into your client’s inbox.
  • Advance Segmentation – Every client has some attributes that match with the others. On the basis of these common interests, email addresses are segmented and placed in digital buckets for you to fire emails at the appropriate time.
  • Auto Responders – It automatically sends welcome emails when a new person has entered the mailing list. You can even send emails on the completion or failure of payment transactions.
  • Email Tracking – Get the life history of the email from its origin to its placement in the inbox or spam. Furthermore, access data per client on clicked, spam, opened, unsubscribe, IP address, and even location.
  • Data Privacy – Data is safe from malicious attacks using firewalls, active scanning, and SSL protection, Moreover they adhere to European GDPR norms strictly.
  • Templates – Create mesmerizing newsletters using intuitive email builder. Not just that there are more than 500+ inbuilt templates to construct emails. Also, you can place your customized logo in all the mails.
  • SMTP Routing – As already mentioned, while you deliver unlimited emails with Pabbly Email Marketing’s own inbuilt SMTP. But in some cases to decrease the bounce rates you can link with other external SMTPs like Mail Gun, Spark Post, Amazon SES, and more. The emails can be segmented on a flat or percentage basis.
  • 2X Open Rates – It automatically sends follow emails as remainders to non-opened ones.
  • Workflow Automation – Save time and energy by constructing workflows that can automate many of the menial tasks.


Pabbly Email Marketing comes in five plans:

  • Forever Free – This free platform can send 12,000 emails to 1,100 subscribers. All you have to do is sign up and begin your email marketing at once.
  • Rookie – The most popular plan which can send unlimited emails to 5000 subscribers at $29/month.
  • Pro – Send unlimited emails to 15,000 subscribers at just $49 per month.
  • Advance – In just $99 charged monthly send unlimited emails to 50,000 subscribers.
  • Enterprise – If you want to send unlimited emails to over 1 million subscribers, well contact their sales representatives for this gigantic package.

Note: You should always go for their yearly package to avail certain discounts.


2. SendinBlue – Mass Email Marketing Service

SendinBlue gives emphasis on intelligent delivery to send precise messages at a precise time. Not only emails but you can send SMSes to connect with your clients.

Moreover, you can create a professional signup form to embed into a website to generate leads. Furthermore, you can even set up a chatbox for direct communication between the customer and you.

SendinBlue - Mass Email Marketing Service


  • Facebook Ads – From your account launch Facebook ads to retarget contacts and reach new audiences.
  • Email Editor -Within minutes build a professional-looking email by dropping blocks into the email builder. Moreover, there is a library of templates of diverse niches to begin your draft.
  • Intelligent Delivery – Craft a message than with multiple A/B testing, find the best pipeline for the email flow. Also, the contact database is in compliance with GDPR norms.
  • Advance Segmentation – Group your subscribers based on particular criteria like referral source, gender, purchase history, and geography.
  • Marketing Automation – Easily automate certain tasks based on trigger actions to send emails, organizing contacts, updating CRMs, and sending SMSes.
  • CRM – All the information gets stored in the central hub, which you access later for analysis and segmentation.
  • Drip Email – Shower your client’s inbox with emails on onboarding, anniversaries, and more.


  • Lite – Deliver over 40,000 emails at just $25/month with no email sending limit.
  • Essential – In paltry $39/month send 60,000 emails. More features include centralized CRM, A/B testing, and auto emails.
  • Premium – Moreover, dispatch over 120000 emails at $66/month with all the benefits included from the Essential plan. Very important pricing for Mailchimp alternatives.
  • Enterprise – Send bulk emails to as many customers you want but one needs to contact their representatives to know about this plan.


3. Constant Contact – Email Marketing With An Edge

With constant contact, create brand awareness by sending unlimited newsletters to subscribers. Not just mass email marketing, you can create live events, coupons, donations and online surveys to bring more business.

Moreover, with marketing automation, you can keep your customers engaged and build stronger relationships. Furthermore, you can easily connect with Facebook and Instagram to place your ads and expand your brand.

Constant Contact - Email Marketing With An Edge


  • Contact Management – Import contact list from Outlook, Excel, Salesforce, or any other online stores like Shopify and then build a very blooming list to start firing emails.
  • Create Ads – In a matter of few clicks, create a powerful marketing ad campaigning and place it on Google, Facebook and Instagram. Also, it comes with industry and keywords predictors to enhance your ad creation.
  • Marketing Automation – Automatically resend emails as reminders to non-opens. Moreover, you can set trigger-based emails where the contact clicks. And greet new clients with warm welcome emails.
  • Security – State of the art security and firewalls ensures virtually zero DDOS attacks. Moreover, it authenticates ISPs to validate a legitimate receiver. As a Mailchimp alternatives this is a important feature
  • Tracking – Furthermore, have access to real-time reports on opening, clicking, and sharing of emails. Furthermore, you can segment contacts on the basis of content a customer clicked to deliver relevant emails.


There are three pricing plans based on contacts

  • Lite – In just $5/month deliver 10,000 emails.
  • Email – Send unlimited emails in $20/month and have access to features like surveys, polls, coupons automation, list building tools.
  • Email Plus – Deliver unlimited emails in $45/month and get additional features like social media ads, A/B testing, list management, and more.


4. GetResponse – Mailchimp Alternative With An Edge

GetResponse ensures high deliverability with the help of services from Litmus, SpamHaus, Return Path, and Port 25. Moreover, you can create a beautiful newsletter in minutes using 5000+ licensed images from Shutterstock.

You can create landing pages to generate a ton of entries for your email campaigning. Furthermore, its drip email functionality, rains down emails on selected events like card abandonment, payment completion, and more.

GetResponse - Mailchimp Alternative With An Edge


  • Engaging Templates – GetResponse perceptive drag&drop builder creates stunning emails and the dynamic content aka “smart HTML” puts different images, blocks, and fields depending on customer’s behaviors and preferences. Moreover, they come with a separate mobile workspace to create responsive emails for mobiles.
  • Monitoring – Moreover, using advanced statistics, track opens, bounces, clicks, device engagements, and email comparisons for better flow of emails.
  • Integrations – Furthermore you can unite subscribers and contact details with payment gateways(PayPal, Stripe), WordPress, WooComerce, Shopify, Facebook, and more.
  • Conversion Funnels – This is automated sales generate to build landing pages, automating email, selling your products, and recovering abandoned orders.


  • Basic – In just $15/month deliver unlimited emails to 1000 contacts.
  • Plus – Dispatch unlimited emails to multiple subscribers and generate leads using multiple integrations, A/B testing, follow up emails, and more. Moreover, as a Mailchimp alternatives come with GDPR compliance
  • Professional – This Giga plan can send unlimited emails in just $99/month. Moreover, this plan includes features like landing pages, bring marketing automation, and sell products.
  • Enterprise – In $1,199/month deliver unlimited emails to more than 100000 subscribers.

Note: Save 18% and 30% respectively if you opt for 12 month or 24-month plan.


5. SendX – A MultiFaceted Email Sender

SendX services are used by more than 3000 companies as they provide smart campaigns that boost opens. Moreover, you can embed sign up forms that can pop up with hello bar, welcome mat, scroll box, and sliders to generate leads.

Furthermore, you can integrate it easily on Medium, WordPress, and Wix with the help of plugins. Moreover, SendX works with 30+ parameters like open behavior, domain name, ISP, time zone to improve upon the deliverability.

SendX - A MultiFaceted Email Sender


  • Geo Optimised Emails – No more dilly-dallying with campaign timezone, smartly send emails at the most appropriate time with fewer bounce rates.
  • Heatmaps – Furthermore, get heatmaps reports of various campaigns per customer. This gives an important perspective about CTAs are performing well. Therefore, making it a good Mailchimp alternatives.
  • Automations – Auto tag clients and then drip nurture emails to inform and educate them about your products.
  • Dedicated IP – Also, you get a dedicated IP to take full control of your email campaign.
  • WYSIWYG Email Editor – You can create stunning newsletters by adding the blocks using a very perceptive Drag & Drop builder. Moreover, you can instantly preview your work on mobile or desktops. Also, you will get 50+ high converting templates of different fields.


The pricing is based on the number of subscribers, for example in the first plan, you can deliver unlimited emails to 1000 subscribers at $7.49/month. Likewise, each plan increases the number of subscribers and hence the prices. The highest plan is at $44.99/month that can deliver unlimited emails to over 15,000 subscribers. And the best part is all features are included in all plans.

Note: Get free trial for 14 days without credit card details


Conclusion –

Well, These are the five best Mailchimp alternatives available in the market. These services were filtered on the basis of pricing and features which I found quite reasonable. But before buying, you should know that there is a demo or a free trial available with each of these software. Do try them out individually.

Also, any doubts regarding Mailchimp or email marketing services, in general, will be presently entertained. Do give your feedback in the comment section below. Thank you.

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