If you are looking for iContact alternatives there can be many reasons. For instance, the clunky editor or the not so flexible interface is bothering you. Yes, there are multiple reasons possible. We can talk about the delay they do in solving your issues and the problem in uploading multiple lists.

iContact Alternatives

As there are many services available in the market for bulk email marketing it is really hard to find the best one. And what’s worse is you have finally acquired one but are not satisfied with it. To help you through this struggle we have tried and tested the top service that can replace iContact.

Here in this article, you can have a quick comparison as well as read in brief about the iContact alternatives.

Quick Comparison Between Best iContact Alternatives
ServiceBasic Plan SMTP RoutingFeaturesEmails
Pabbly Email Marketing$29/mAllUnlimited
SendinBlue$39/mEssential60 K
Active Campaign$49/mPlusUnlimited

1. Pabbly Email Marketing – Best In iContact Alternatives

“Pabbly Email Marketing is the only service that providing SMTP routing feature to boost the deliverability amongst all the other bulk email marketing services.”

You can choose this service over any other email marketing service as it has the best feature set that helps in actually growing your business with email marketing. It has many remarkable features like marketing automation, autoresponder, subscription forms, email API and much more.

The features that caught most user attention are the SMTP routing and the MX cleaner. The SMTP routing functionality allows you to switch between different SMTP server for better deliverability. Moreover, you can also choose to use its in-built SMTP server. And the MX cleaner will check for the ETA (Email Transfer Agent) for valid MX records. If it encounters an invalid MX record it removes that email from the list. Consequently, resulting in protecting your domain’s credibility by eliminating the hard bounces.

Pabbly Email Marketing


  • Marketing Automation – To ease up 80% of your task you can set and design automation using conditions and triggers. What’s more relieving here is that you need to touch coding for this. anyone can make use this feature using the simple UI elements.
  • Autoresponder – You can set automated replies for emails. The reply depends upon your customer’s action. For instance, login/registration, welcome, thank you, birthday & many more.
  • Email Tracking – Pabbly Email Marketing provides a detailed report for the opens, clicks, spam, unsubscribed emails. Further, the user’s locations are also visible with these reports.
  • Subscription Form – To capture more leads and use them in your email marketing campaign, this service allows you to create subscriptions forms. Furthermore, you can embed these forms on your website, or social media or can even share them.
  • Email Builder – It provides a user-friendly drag & drop email builder. You can easily place and replace text, images, buttons etc. Also, you can make use of the multiple text-formatting options that it provides to customize the text.


Pabbly Email Marketing offers four paid pricing plans & a free plan. It has both monthly as well as yearly plans. All the features are accessible in every plan except for the free plan.

  • Forever Free – This plan allows you to send 15000 emails to 1100 subscribers.
  • Rookie – The Rookie plan costs $29/month for an unlimited number of emails for 5000 subscribers.
  • Pro – The cost of this plan is $49/month for around 15000 subscribers.
  • Advanced – This plan renders a range for the subscribers and their respective pricing plans. For pricing $99 to $1599 it allows adding 50000 to 1000000 subscriber.
  • Enterprise – For more than 1 Million subscribers you need to contact the sales team of this service.

2. SendinBlue – Bulk Email Service Providers

SendinBlue is another iContact alternative that helps you in keeping your growing audience engaged. The cost of this service is a little more high-priced, but it has venerable features such as drip emailing, SMS marketing etc.



  • Email Templates – This service offers 10+ pre-designed email template. Moreover, these templates are editable and you can quickly edit any of these templates as per your requirement & use them immediately.
  • Contact Segmentation – Using this feature you can make different lists and use them while sending emails to particular audience types.
  • Drag & Drop Builder – SendinBlue renders an intuitive email builder for creating emails from scratch. Most importantly, you can use personalized parameters within your emails dynamically from your website.
  • Monitor Performance – To monitor the performance of your email campaigns it renders statistics containing information about the email clicks, opens, spam etc.


SendinBlue offers four monthly as well as yearly pricing plans along with a free plan. These plans are based on the features that they enable on every plan.

  • Free Plan – The free plan allows you to send 300 emails a day to unlimited contacts.
  • Lite Plan – The Lite plan can cost up to $25 for 40K emails/month. It includes all the free plan features.
  • Essential Plan – The costs of this plan is around $39 for 60K emails/month. It includes all the lite features. Also, some more features came along like A/B testing, advanced statistics & an ability to remove the brand logo.
  • Premium Plan – SendinBlue premium plan can cost up to $66 for 120K emails a month. More additional features are added with this plan like Facebook ads, landing pages, marketing automation, chat & multi-user access.
  • Enterprise Plan – You must contact the sales team of the SendinBlue service for pricing details of the essential plan.

3. Moosend – Good iContact Alternative

Moosend is an easy-to-use software that is providing bulk email marketing. It came along with many usable features like list segmentation, email personalization, analytics reports & much more.



  • Drag & Drop Builder – This service presents a drag & drop editor to create beautiful emails. Additionally, it has numerous pre-designed email templates.
  • Automation – To automate the user flow for onboarding, abandoned cart, lead scoring etc you can use certain triggers.
  • Email Personalization  – To present an excellently tailored email in front of your audience that looks personalized you can insert user information excellently.
  • Tracking – This is an advanced feature that enables you to track your customer’s behaviour, Whether your customer viewed a product or purchased another, or he has redeemed a coupon you can track all of it.


Moosend also offers both monthly & yearly cost estimates. It is primarily based on the number of subscribers.

  • Free Plan – Using this plan, you can send an unlimited number of emails to 500 subscribers.
  • Pro – Pro plan costs $8/month with all the premium features except custom reporting.
  • Enterprise – You must contact the sales team of this service for the pricing details of this plan.

4. Pepipost – Open Souce Email Marketing Service

Pepipost is the only open-source bulk email marketing service. It is a developer-friendly service and has many features for the developers. Such as email API, in-built SMTP & Webhooks.



  • Email Builder – Pepipost gives a drag-and-drop email builder to create emails quickly. Also, it renders customizable HTML email templates.
  • Bounce Forwarding – Using this mechanism, it notifies the sender’s server while a bounce occurs. And after getting a notification the server could resent the email. Also, corrections in the email addresses can be done if required.
  • Webhooks – Using a hand from your developer you can have excellent use of this feature as it allows real-time notifications of events. As & when they happen for your email campaigns.
  • Email API – The email API could also be used so as to integrate multiple other functionalities that you want to use with your email marketing campaign.


Pepipost proposes monthly and annual pricing plans. The cost of this software is completely dependent on the number of emails.

  • Lowest Plan – The lowest plan enables you to send 150K emails in $25/month.
  • Popular Plan – This plan can cost up to $145 to send emails up to 600K.
  • Highest Plan – The highest plan allows you to send 2000K emails in $445 a month.

5. ActiveCampaign – Affordable Amongst iContact Alternatives

ActiveCampaign good for larger businesses that want to do mass email marketing. It has many overwhelming features such as marketing automation, sales, CRM, SMS marketing etc.



  • Automation Map – You can design automation and this feature renders maps based on your designed automation flow. Many a time it also lets you find out the bottleneck in your customer’s journey.
  • Subscription Forms – ActiveCampaign also allows you to make subscription forms and convert your leads into potential customers.
  • A/B Testing – You can split test two subject lines for a better performing email campaign.


ActiveCampaign has 4 pricing plans monthly/annual and these plans are basically based on the number of subscribers.

  • Lite – This plan costs $9/month for 500 subscribers.
  • Plus – The plus plan can cost up to $49 a month for 500 subscribers & 7 more additional features.
  • Professional – This plan can cost about $129/month for advanced features like with machine learning for about 500 subscribers.
  • Enterprise – The enterprise plan costs $229 a month for 500 subscribers, all the premium features are available along with the aditional customizations.

In Conclusion:

This was a brief about the best iContact alternatives both free and paid. You can give a try to any service that had struck you the most while reading. Also, you can learn in detail about them by clicking on the “Click Here For More Details” button.

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