Best Free Email Template Builders

Are you wondering how some businesses grow rapidly while yours stays stagnant?
If yes, then check out these questions-

  • Are you able to design emails that increase the engagement with your recipients?
  • Do you know how email marketing templates can significantly grow your business?
  • Moreover, are you utilizing the services of online email template builders to create response-generating emails?
  • And, finally, do you know how an email template creator can accomplish your goal of acquiring a loyal customer base?

If your answer to any of these questions was negative, worry not! Now that you’ve landed here, you’ve won more than half the battle already!

We provide you with the list of 3 best free email template builders. These design professional-looking as well as creative emails for you.

What’s more?
These email creators are FREE!

Have a look at the following table and choose the free email template builders that suits your needs.


Pricing   No. Of TemplatesNo. Of EmailsNo. Of Subscribers
Pabbly Email Marketing $29/M500+Unlimited






Take a careful look at each template builder, and spare yourself the time AND cost of creating responsive templates!

1. Pabbly Email Marketing – 

Pabbly Email Marketing enables you to grow your business by sending bulk emails to subscribers. It is an email template creator that lets you design appealing and professional-looking templates, specific to the needs of your customers. Using its drag & drop tool, you can edit and customize pre-designed email templates or build a new one from scratch.

Furthermore, Pabbly Email Marketing comes with an in-built SMTP, which enhances email deliverability. It additionally connects with 50+ SMTP services, allowing you to send emails through external SMTP services.

Pabbly Email Marketing


  • Marketing Automation – Pabbly Email Marketing lets you automate the transmission of your emails by scheduling the mailing time. As a result, the emails are automatically sent to the right person at the right time, as per the pre-set schedule.
  • Import and Track – Easily import emails to your mailing list and track email clicks. Thereby, analyzing the click rate, open rate, and bounce rate of your emails.
  • Enhance Lead Capture – Conveniently capture more leads from your website by adding a subscription form. Attach an already available subscription form or make a new one, specific to your needs.
  • Cleaner – Use MX Cleaner to clean your email list before sending emails.
  • Multiple Delivery Engines – Use multiple SMTPs to send your emails, refining your inbox deliverability. Pabbly Email Marketing lets you use its in-built SMTP server for sending emails, as well as allows you to connect to several external delivery vendors.
  • 2X Open Rate – Automatically send welcome emails to new subscribers when they join your list. Subsequently, increase your open rate by sending automatic follow-ups to non-opens.


Pabbly Email Marketing offers different pricing plans, based on the number of subscribers-

  • Rookie – Send unlimited emails to 5,000 subscribers at the cost of $29 per month. Additionally, enjoy the features of auto-responders, multiple SMTPs, and auto follow-ups.
  • Pro – This is the most popular plan, which allows you to send as many emails as you wish, to 15,000 subscribers at the price of $49 per month. Also, make use of subscription forms, list management, and unlimited custom field to enhance your email deliverability.
  • Advance – Connect with 50, 000 subscribers at the cost of $99 per month.  Moreover, this plan lets you access all the advanced features that Pabbly Email Marketing offers.
  • Enterprise – You can upgrade the Advance Plan to meet high-volume demands, ranging above 10,00,000 subscribers. However, you need to contact the service provider to know about the pricing of this plan.

2. SendinBlue – Email Marketing Software

SendinBlue enables you to promote your business by designing creative and responsive email templates. It is a free template builder which makes professional email marketing easier by providing you with all the required tools.

Moreover, it comes with a tool for CRM that tracks every customer engagement and helps you to build strong and direct customer relationships. Moreover, SendinBlue boosts your performance by automating your marketing messages.



  • Drag & Drop Tool – It enables you to create and customize email templates. This template builder lets you make professional-looking emails in no time!
  • Marketing Automation – Automation feature lets you automate your marketing and sales processes in no time. SendinBlue allows you to set automation rules for segmentation and marketing messages, thereby reducing your manual work.
  • Transactional Emails – Use professional-looking transactional emails to send automatic responses, based on your subscriber’s actions. You can choose the type of transactional email you want and personalize it with your client’s information. Moreover, with optimized reliability of the template builder, you can rest assured about landing in your customer’s inbox!
  • Monitor Performance – Track engagement and deliverability statistics in real time to understand the performance of your inbox. Therefore, identify issues sooner and integrate your email with other tools to improve functionality.
  • Built-in CRM – Track the open rate and click rate of your email campaign and watch over all the activities of your customers. Centralize all your contact information and organize your contact list, thus making communication effective.
  • Segmentation – Implement email segmentation to send messages to a more targeted audience, further personalizing relations with clients and leads. Besides, multiply the number of email openers and clickers through effective contact list-segmentation.
  • Sign-Up Form Integration – Grow your email contact list by attaching a Sign-Up Form to your templates.
  • A/B Testing – Use this feature to create a catchy subject line for your template. Test alternatives for the subject line to know what works best for your audience, thereby enhancing your open rates.


SendinBlue offers varying pricing plans, based on the number of emails sent per month-

  • Free – Sign-Up for FREE and send around 9,000 emails per month, with as many as 300 per day.
  • Micro/Lite – Send 40,000 emails at the cost of $25 per month. Additionally, free yourself from the daily sending limit.
  • Bronze/Essential – Send 60,000 emails at the cost of $39 per month. Plus, customize your template without the SendinBlue logo and get access to advanced statistics.
  • Silver/Premium – This plan has two options-
    1.  Send 1,20,000 emails at the cost of $66 per month. Further, get multi-user access, landing page builder, and unlimited marketing automation.
    2. Send 3,50,000 emails at the cost of $173 per month. In addition to the above- mentioned features, get a free dedicated IP.
  • Enterprise – If your needs exceed the Premium plan, choose this plan to get specific services at customized costs. Moreover, get a Dedicated Account Manager, Services Pack, and Unlimited Users, along with all the features of the Silver Plan.

3. SendPulse – Marketing Platform

SendPulse allows you to send email campaigns to your target customers via SMTP or API. It is a bulk email service provider that lets you create professional and responsive email templates, without any coding knowledge.

Its automation 360 feature enables you to automatically send user-specific messages. Moreover, you can contact your customers for reminders, bookings made, or any upcoming event, with scheduled transactional emails.


  • Drag & Drop Tool – Conveniently create adaptive templates with Drag and Drop Email Builder.
  • Subscription Forms – Add a pre-designed Subscription Form to your emails or create one uniquely, thus catching more leads.
  • Automation 360 – Use this feature to automate your marketing processes and send automatic emails to your subscribers.
  • Spam Checker – Monitor the open rate and click rate of your email campaign using statistics and use Spam Checker to enhance your email deliverability.
  • Segmentation – Segment your mailing list to analyze your subscriber’s activity and accordingly send tailored responses to your clients. As a result, personalize your emails by setting replaceable text fields based on your recipient’s information, strengthening client relations.
  • Trigger Emails – Send automatic re-engagement email, feedback email, abandoned cart email, purchase email, and other mails, triggered by your customer’s actions. Subsequently, improving the performance of your email campaign.
  • A/B Testing – Use A/B Testing to create the most responsive subject line and email content. Choose from a range of choices to know what will catch your customer’s attraction, thereby significantly improving your open rate.


SendPulse offers varying prices, based on the number of subscribers-

  • It is FREE if you have less than 500 subscribers, with a limit of 15,000 emails per month.
  • For no daily sending limit and less than 500 subscribers, SendPulse charges $8 per month.
  • $12 per month for 501-1,000 subscribers and so on..until 4,00,001-5,00,000 subscribers, the cost of which is $7,000 per month.
  • For more than 10,00,000 subscribers, you can opt for a VIP plan at a custom rate. Also, this plan gives you a personal manager.


A significantly crucial element in building a successful email campaign is to choose a template creator that is competitive as well as cost-effective.

We hope this article helps you in comparing the 3 best free email template builders and choosing the most reliable one that meets your needs!

Let us know the service you choose in the comments!

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