“Order! Order! Show me the best email marketing services for lawyers, demanded the Judge in the courthouse after many of his confidential emails were leaked in the public. I simply presented him with this article.

So, what is the use of email marketing for a judge? Glad that you ask. Well, email marketing services are used to send critical information related to the case like new trial dates, evidence, and summons to the jury.


But some times lawyers can bring in potential clients by bombarding them with newsletters on law clinics, amendments, and more. There are a ton of email marketing tools available both cheap and free. However, I believe every decent e-marketing service must have these prerequisites.

  • Cheap Email Delivery
  • List Segmentation Based On Interest
  • High Inbox Placement Rates
  • Security
  • Ease of Use
Comparison Between The Best Email Marketing Services For Lawyers
ServiceBasic Plan EmailsSMTP Routing Workflow Automation
Pabbly Email Marketing  $29/mUnlimitedUnlimited
Constant Contact $20/mUnlimited
Getresponse $10/m10,000NANA

1. Pabbly Email Marketing – The Best Email Marketing Service For Lawyers

“It is the only software that blesses us with features like
unlimited emails, workflows, autoresponders, inbuilt SMTP and more in its starter plan.”

Many lawyers are increasingly using Pabbly Email Marketing as the default email sender because it delivers unlimited emails at the most nominal rate. The inbuilt SMTP ensures a high inbox delivery rate of 99% which is unprecedented even by industrial benchmarks. Many templates based on the law niche can be used to create informative newsletters. Furthermore, with unparalleled security infrastructure, the data is kept within your legal circle.

Moreover, the email flow can be consistently improved with regular A/B testing. Seed emails on the client’s inbox with help of auto-marketing and autoresponders. Simply put, it is the best associate for many lawyers as there is no need for any technical expertise, just load in and start email campaigning at once.

Pabbly Email Marketing - The Best Email Marketing Service For Lawyers


  • Templates – Craft stunning legal newsletters from scratch using a perceptive email builder. Also, if you don’t have time there are a ton of pre-build law templates to create different emails like FAQs, testimonials, and legal advice. Moreover, place your law firm logo in all the emails.
  • Automated Marketing – For example, let’s say a potential client was unduly fired from his workplace and he downloads an ebook from your website looking for a respite. Here, Pabbly Email Marketing automatically starts raining down newsletters related to pink slips, labor laws and work ethics in his email address.
  • List Management – With Pabbly Email Marketing you can sort contacts into various buckets on the basis of similar interest. For example, you categorize people on the basis of referral sources like LinkedIn contacts, social media contacts, or visitors from your website.
  • Auto Responders – Whenever a new client, joins your law team send automatic warm welcome emails to them.
  • Email Tracking – Know the entire life history of an email like opened, spams clicked, unsubscribe, and even the client location.
  • Security – Any spilling of confidential information is disastrous for law firms, but with Pabbly Email Marketing you will have multiple barriers like active scanning, SSL protection, and firewalls to protect your data.
  • Forms – Moreover, you can add forms to your website to capture important leads like email address, name, and purpose of visit.
  • Workflow Automation – Also, you can create unlimited workflows that can smooth many of your processes.
  • SMTP Routing – Always, you can send unlimited emails with its inbuilt SMTP. But in the case to improve upon the precision rate, you have the flexibility to connect it with multiple external SMTPs like Amazon SES, Mail Gun, Spark Post, and more.
  • 2X Open Rates – Automatically send follow up emails to non-opened ones.


Pabbly Email Marketing comes in five plans:

  • Forever Free – A totally free package that can deliver 12,000 emails to 1,100 subscribers. Just sign up and you can begin your email marketing now.
  • Rookie – This is their most popular plan which can send unlimited emails to 5000 subscribers in just $29/month. More incredible features are inbuilt SMTP, list management, SMTP routing, workflows, and automatic responders.
  • Pro– Dispatch unlimited emails to 15,000 subscribers in just $49 per month.
  • Advance – At just $99 charged monthly send unlimited emails to 50,000 subscribers.
  • Enterprise – Want to send unlimited emails to over 1 million subscribers, well contact their sales executive for this massive package.


2. SendinBlue – A Versatile Email Marketing Service For Lawyers

Send the precise email at a precise time with SendinBlue. Also, deliver vital clues and critical information from witnesses or clients through SMSes. Reduce manual labor and stress with specialized marketing automation. Moreover, have access to a plethora of email templates to construct law-related newsletters.

SendinBlue - A Versatile Email Marketing Service For Lawyers


  • Social Media – Place ads of your law firm or any new development related to the law on Facebook. This serves as a good hunting ground to get more potential clients.
  • Email Builder – Build mobile-responsive emails from zero using its intuitive email builder.
  • CRM – Furthermore, all your client’s information gets stored and segmented here in this central hub. Later you can access the information based on common interests.
  • A/B testing – Moreover, get the best placement rates in percentages by finding the best channels for email delivery from a number of parallel connections.
  • Drip Email – Rain down emails on time or trigger-based events like completing trials, onboarding, government holidays, and more.


  • Lite – Send 40,000 emails at just $25/month with no sending limit.
  • Essential – Moreover, at just $39/month deliver 60,000 emails. Other benefits include A/B testing, centralized CRM and auto emails.
  • Premium – Furthermore, deliver, 120000 emails in $66/month with all other features included from the Essential plan.
  • Enterprise – This platform allows you to send bulk emails to as many subscribers you like, but one needs to contact their representatives to know about this plan.


3. Moosend – Email Marketing With An Edge

You can create informative newsletters by importing pictures from Giphy, Google Drive, and Instagram. Send unlimited emails at very nominal costa with its own inbuilt SMTPs. Moreover, you can Improve your eCommerce standing with product blocks, discount codes, coupons, and recommendations. Furthermore, embedding Moosend to your website is easy by just pasting a couple of APIs.

Moosend - Email Marketing With An Edge


  • Mobile Editor – Create emails in your free time by using drag & drop editor. This also comes with a timer feature to create a sense of rush for limited products.
  • Real-Time Analytics – With the tracking and reporting you can find the bounce rates, spams, and leaks in real-time.
  • Pre- Built Workflows – Also, you can construct multiple workflows to automate dull mechanisms and save time&energy.
  • Advanced List Segmentation – Also you can filter your clients on the basis of certain conditions, put their data into sections, and start sending emails accordingly. Moreover, you can easily spot the cart abandoners and even reward the most active readers.
  • Custom Opt-In Forms – Furthermore, in minutes build your customized form to start generating leads.
  • Affiliate Program – Bring referrals and earn 30% as commissions.


  • Free – Send bulk emails by just signing up.
  • Pro – Dispatch unlimited emails in just $8 per month, other features are inbuild SMTP, transactional emails, and landing pages.
  • Enterprise – Create and customized your own plan if the subscriber’s count exceeds 200k but needs to contact their marketing strategists to build this plan.


4. Constant Contact – Email Marketing With An Edge

Constant Contact has been providing business solutions for lawyers for a significant amount of time. Hence they come with a huge number of email templates created specifically for the law. But, they don’t restrict themselves with email business but also provide security, CRMs&CMS and list management.

Constant Contact - Email Marketing With An Edge


  • Email Builder – Not just email templates but also an intuitive email builder to compose stunning emails in minutes. Furthermore, all its templates are optimized to be mobile responsive.
  • Security – Secure transmission of emails is ensured without any DDOS attacks with the help of firewalls. Moreover, it authenticates ISPs to get information about the legitimate receiver.
  • E-Commerce – Set up markets and sell digital items like law books, legal magazines, and news articles. Furthermore, you even import data from Shopify by integrating it with Constant Contact.
  • Deliverability – Moreover, they have high inbox landing rates of 97% and compliance with SPAM & CASL rules.
  • Social Media – Likewise, create tension in social media with news on the recent amendments or bylaws. Also, the data of the onlookers can be used to bring them as potential clients.
  • Incentive – Moreover, if your clients bring in a referral you can directly give them incentives.


There are three pricing plans based on contacts

  • Lite – Send 10,000 emails in just $5/month
  • Email – Deliver unlimited emails at $20/month and have access to features like A/B testing, list management, social media ads and more
  • Email Plus – Dispatch unlimited emails in $45/month and with features like automation, list building tools, surveys, polls, and coupons.


5. GetResponse – A Lawyers Best Friend

How about an email service that tracks and even rate customers’ actions like giving a positive score for good work and negative points for inactions, well with GetResponse you can do that. You can personalize a ton of attributes on law-related email templates like headers, logos, and even backgrounds. Moreover with its drip email functionality, immediately start sending emails to the listed clients from an array of the composed letter.

GetResponse - A Lawyers Best Friend


  • Ads Creator – Generate interest in all major social media sites like Facebook, Bitchute, and Twitter by creating ads in them about your law firm.
  • Email Tracking – Also, from its composition to the inbox of the client, know the entire life cycle of the email. Moreover, this data can be accessed after many days. Also, the reports are presented in forms of tabular graphs and pie charts.
  • Landing Pages – Build landing pages and forms to generate more leads.
  • Marketing Automation – Create multiple automated workflows to send emails on new arrivals, upsell, and subscribes. Furthermore, send auto followup emails to reduce cart abandonment.


  • Basic – Dispatch unlimited emails to 1000 contacts at just $15/month.
  • Plus – Furthermore, send unlimited emails to many subscribers and generate leads using landing pages, sell products, and marketing automation.
  • Professional – This mega plan involves sending unlimited emails at $99/month. Furthermore, this plan includes features like multiple integrations, A/B testing, follow up emails, and more.
  • Enterprise – Also, this massive plan at $1,199 to deliver unlimited emails to more than 100000 contacts.

Note: You can save 18% and 30% respectively by opting for 12 month or 24-month plan.


Conclusion –

Well, These are the five best email marketing services for lawyers available in the market. These software were selected on the basis of pricing and features which I found quite fair. But, before you open your purse, you should know that there is a demo or a free trial available with each of them. Do try them out individually before purchasing.

Also, if you find any information that I have missed while covering these services do comment below. I will surely take a note of it.

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