Double opt-in email marketing is for those who are not converged on audience growth. It is much like an antidote for those who have had low open rates, spam or abuse complaints in the past.

These are almost the same as the single opt-ins. The only difference is it has an additional step of confirming the email address filled by a customer.

Double Opt In Email Marketing

There are many bulk email marketing services providing the double opt-in feature. But, to choose the best you need to compare them side by side and then select a single one for your marketing campaigns.

Here in this article, we’ve listed the best double opt-in email marketing services that are personally tested and reviewed over their functionalities. The listing contains both free as well as paid services that you can even try and test yourself for working.

Quick Comparison Between Best Double Opt-In Email Marketing
ServiceBasic Plan SMTP RoutingFeaturesEmails
Pabbly Email Marketing$29/mAllUnlimited

After a quick comparison of the best double opt-in email marketing services, let’s have a brief discussion over all the listings.

1. Pabbly Email Marketing – Best Double Opt-In Email Marketing

“Pabbly Email Marketing is the only service that lets you send unlimited emails by using all the advanced feature even in the basic plan.”

This service has many extra-ordinary features apart from double opt-in. Such as the autoresponder, SMTP routing, marketing automation, subscription forms & many more.

I personally admire the SMTP routing feature using which you can boost the deliverability by 2X. Using this feature you can switch between multiple SMTP servers. And there are options available to use any external SMTP service as well. Furthermore, you can also use the in-built SMTP server provided by Pabbly Email Marketing.

Pabbly Email Marketing


  • Autoresponder – Autoresponder allows you to set multiple automatic responses based on your customer’s actions. You can set instant replies for emails like login/registration, welcome, thank you, birthday & many more.
  • Marketing Automation – Using this feature you can easily set automated email responses based on multiple conditions as well as triggers. Moreover, the interface is so much user-friendly that you won’t need to know any coding skills for this highly advanced feature.
  • Email Tracking – Track your email campaign via unlimited reports. These reports contain information about the open rate, click rate, spam, and unsubscribed emails. Also, you can locate the country of your customers.
  • Drag & Drop Email Builder – It provides a user-friendly email builder. With simple drag & drop options for placing the email elements. These elements could be the fields like text, image, button etc. Further, it has many text-formatting options to customize the text.
  • Subscription Form – Pabbly Email Marketing lets you can create subscription forms. Also, it renders multiple form-embedding options. You can use them anywhere you want for instance websites, social media accounts etc.


Pabbly Email Marketing offers four paid pricing plans and a single free plan. Both monthly & yearly plans are available for this service. Except for the free plan, all the features are included in every plan.

  • Forever Free – This plan allows you to send 15K emails to 1.1K subscribers.
  • Rookie – Rookie plan costs around $29 per month. It allows sending an unlimited number of emails to 5000 subscribers.
  • Pro – The cost of this plan is $49 per month for 15000 subscribers.
  • Advanced – This plan has a range for the subscribers and their respective pricing. For pricing $99 to $1599 it allows adding 50K to 1000K subscriber.
  • Enterprise – For adding more than 1M subscriber you can ask for a custom pricing from the sales team of this service.

2. Moosend – Bulk Email Marketing Service

Moosend is an easy-to-use email marketing software that is providing double opt-ins. It came along with many handy features like segmentation, email personalization, analytics & much more.



  • Drag & Drop Builder – Moosend provides a drag & drop editor to create beautiful newsletters. Also, it has hundreds of pre-designed templates to choose from.
  • Automate – For user onboarding, abandoned cart, lead scoring etc you can automate the flow of user based on certain triggers.
  • Personalization  – Using this feature, you can personalise the newsletters by inserting multiple information about them to make them look tailored.
  • Tracking – Track whether your customer viewed a product, or purchased another, or redeems a coupon. This way you can get a clearer picture of your customer’s behaviour.


Moosend also offers both monthly & yearly subscription plans. The pricing is primarily based on the number of subscribers. Below mentioned is the pricing for 1K subscribers.

  • Free Plan – You can send an unlimited number of emails to 500 subscribers using this plan.
  • Pro – The pro plan costs around $8 per month with all the features except custom reporting.
  • Enterprise – There is a custom plan for bigger enterprises that will need all the features of this service. Contact the sales team of this service for the pricing details.

3. Pepipost – Open Souce Email Marketing Service

Pepipost is only open-source bulk email marketing service with double opt-in functionality. This is a developer-friendly service. As it has many advanced features, and developers can make excellent use of email API, in-built SMTP & Webhooks.



  • Email Builder – It provides a drag-and-drop email builder to create emails easily. Also, it renders multiple HTML templates that can also be customized.
  • Bounce Forwarding – Papipost follows the bounce forward mechanism. Using which it notifies the sender’s server while a bounce occurs. So that the server could resent the email after correcting its address if required.
  • Webhooks – Webhooks allow you to get notified about every event in real-time as & when it happens for your campaign.
  • Email API – It also provides an email API so that you can integrate it with any additional service that you will need for your email marketing needs.


Pepipost offers both monthly as well as annual pricing plans. The pricing of this software is dependent on the number of emails.

  • Lowest Plan – The lowest plan enables you to send 150000 emails in $25 per month.
  • Popular Plan – Popular plan can cost up to $145 to send 600,000 emails.
  • Highest Plan – This plan allows you to send 2000000 emails in $445 per month.

4. Mailjet – Smarter Double Opt-In Email Marketing Service

Mailjet is another mass email marketing service that allows using double opt-in for your emails. It has very easy to use email builder interface with simple drag and drop options. You can use them to create responsive email newsletters.



  • SMTP – Mailjet provides a built-in SMTP server. Also, it provides multiple ports (depending on the email client or ISP) for greater compliance. Most importantly, it provides TLS or SSL encryption to ensure the security of your emails.
  • Analytics – You can monitor the real-time performance of your newsletters such as the opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes etc.
  • Webhooks – Using Webhooks you can easily pass inbound emails for your email marketing campaigns.
  • Management – For the email management across the platform you can make use of the list segmentation, subscription forms as well as muti-user accounts.


Mailjet’s pricing is based on the number of emails sent per month.

  • Free – Mailjet’s free plan allows you to send 6000 emails/month with a sending limit of 200 emails/day.
  • Basic – The basic plan ranges from 30K to 900K for subscribers. It could cost $9 to $333 respectively with access to all the core features.
  • Premium – This plan ranges from 30K to 900K subscribers. It could cost up to $20 to $398 for the advance features.
  • Enterprise – Large enterprises having more than 900K subscribers can ask for a custom plan plus dedicated account management.

5. HubSpot – Affordable Email Marketing Service 

HubSpot is a freemium tool in this list of email marketing services with double opt-ins. It is providing free CRM along with the email marketing service. It has features that can be used to grow, convert and track a campaign easily.



  • Drag & Drop Editor – To mould the content of your email it provides a drag & drop email builder interface. You can customize any email’s layout by adding text, images & call-to-action.
  • Templates – HubSpot provides ready-made email templates that you can use right away. Also, you can customize as per your needs.
  • Schedule Emails – You can create a library of emails in advance. Moreover, it also allows scheduling them further to get delivered as per your choice.
  • Security – This feature stores the customer’s data in the HubSpot cloud for batter security.


HubSpot pricing is based on the number of contacts. It also has both the monthly as well as annual plans.

  • Starter – This plan can cost up to $35/month for 1000 contacts.
  • Professional – Professional plan can cost $560/month for professional features.
  • Enterprise – For all enterprise-level features this plan could cost up to $2,240/month.

In Conclusion:

This was a brief about the best double opt-in email marketing services both free and paid. You can give a try to any service that had struck you the most while reading. Also, you can learn in detail about them by clicking on the “Click Here For More Details” button.

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