Flipped a coin in the wishing well to find a cheap payment collection form? Well, stop flipping, as this well-researched article covers five cheap yet effective payment collecting forms. But before moving further, a bit about payment collection forms.

Back in the days of cavemen, one used to collect payments via checks or cash. Now fast forward 2022 payment collection forms are simply hooked up with your websites to collect money online from your customers. The payment forms usually come integrated with payment gateways to ensure secure transactions.

A recent article by Forbes estimates that by 2022, the E-commerce market will hold a massive $4.2 trillion online transactions and payment collection forms will contribute a significant share to it. So if you are looking to part of this trillion-dollar economy to sell your products online, you need to have a worthy form builder that can collect payments.


Since you are new to this field, you should know that every payment collection forms must have these mandatory features like:

  • Multiple Product Listing
  • Multi-Currency Acceptance
  • Numerous Billing Models
  • Multi Payment Channels
  • Safety Protocols

Without them, they are just simple data collecting forms nothing more. So that is why I have collected a unique list of 5 best data collection forms on the basis of these features and reasonable pricing.

     Quick Comparison Between The Cheap Payment Collection Forms
ServiceBasic PlanLead CaptureUsers Storage
Pabbly Form Builder$10/mUnlimitedMultiUnlimited
Ninja Forms$99/yNAMultiNA
Formstack $19/mMulti1700MB
Formidable Forms$89/mUnlimited1NA
123FormBuilder $24/m50001NA

1. Pabbly Form Builder – The Best Cheap Payment Collection Form

      “In just 10 bucks you can access every feature like unlimited payments, embedding, file uploads, submissions, and more.”

Pabbly Form Builder is awesome as it the most affordable form creator that can receive unlimited payments. With this tool, you can build forms with unlimited upload options, payment accounts, and storage. Create forms with complex conditional logic and integrate it with multiple payment processors.

With the help of email autoresponders, you and customers will be notified immediately when the form is submitted or when a payment has been made. The best part is embedding the form with your website or application is easy without any technical skills.

Pabbly Form Builder - The Best Cheap Payment Collection Form


  • Payment Collection – Collect unlimited payments and create a vast number of product models based on billing like one time or recurring.
  • Autoresponders – Both merchants and the customers will be notified on the completion of the transaction or even if the forms have been submitted.
  • Payment Gateways – Integrates both PayPal and Stripe as payment options. Bring currency standards from nearly all countries to work with, don’t restrict your business with just American dollars.
  • Tracking – You can even track several attributes about the customers like his country of origin, IP address and operating system he is currently using.
  • Security – Uses reCAPTCHA to annihilate unwanted spam or bot attacks to make transactions smoothly.
  • Drag And Drop Editor – Pabbly Form Builder comes with an array of stunning form templates each based on particular markets. Create not only payment forms but also event registration, landing, and surveys by dragging and dropping fields into the form.
  • Custom Branding – Your forms and payment pages will carry your own customized logo. Moreover add star rating field, such that your customers can rate your products.
  • Conditional Logic – Also, build a multipage form with conditional logic. Add conditional logic such as (if, then, and or) to the payment fields as to redirect the customer.
  • User Access – While other form builders restrict access to maximum 10, Pabbly Form Builder scores with unlimited user access. Also, this can be very helpful for a multi-member team to get entries and sort data accordingly.
  • Embedding – Moreover, how awesome it would be to embed forms in different ways like sliding form, full form, and even pop-ups.


Pabbly Form Builder smashes other payment collection forms with just one pricing plan at just $10 per form.

2. Ninja Forms – A Stealthy Yet Cheap Payment Collection Form

With Ninja Forms you have the option of accepting and donating payments securely with Stripe, Elavon, Recurly, and PayPal Express. The Forms entries are available in 16+ languages and every form ensures GDPR compliance. Export submissions as Excel files, Google Sheets and even PDFs

Ninja Forms - A Stealthy Yet Cheap Payment Collection Form


  • Payments – Accepts Paypal and even credit card payments with any forms on WordPress.Give variations on single payments, subscriptions, fixed or of course user-entered amounts. Provide access to donation facilities.
  • Security – Curtail the activities of mischieve mongers with spam track fields and reCAPTCHA.
  • Integrations – Bring integrations with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Zoho and more.
  • Fields – Insert a ton of fields such as payment gateways, images, calculating fields, and more. Build multipart forms and even make more than 6 CRM integrations.


There are four pricing plans

  • Personal – This is priced at $ 49, with access to a single site but unlimited uploads and multi-payment facilities.
  • Professional – Marketed as the business package with access to 20+ sites. Further benefits include user management logins, post creation forms, and integrations with Zapier and Webhooks.
  • Agency – At massive $249/month get everything from the professional plan with unlimited addons, integrations with Salesforce and super-advanced analytics.
  • A LA CARTE – Embed your forms to 20 sites, have access to priority sites with 10+ email marketing integrations and incredible storage capacities.

3. Formstack – Truly A Needle In The HayStack

Get payment notifications directly into your Formstack account. Furthermore, you have the self- calculating fields to automate payments. Also, create and accepts coupons&discount codes. Don’t restrict yourself with a single item, build a multi-item product listing and even subscription-based transactions and add an avalanche of payment processors.

Formstack - Truly A Needle In The HayStack


  • Payment Gateway Integrations – Integrate with a ton of payment processors like Chargify, Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.net, Bambore, and more with ease. Create different billing models and renew customer’s interest with discounts & codes.
  • Automation – Manage the email subscriber list, update CRM, and even automate the information collection with more than 40 integrations. Some of the lead capturing includes from major websites like Twitter, Salesforce Desk and Slack.
  • Payment Security – Encrypt your data and keep data secure with 256-bit SSL. Even payment confirmation emails are sent with PGP(Pretty Good Privacy). There is an invisible ReCAPTCHA block to keep you safe from malicious bots.
  • Data Sync – Moreover, create and control rules for data sync of a field in bi-direction. Design a common map standard to determine which objects or arrays should automatically syn first.
  • Insights – Pinpoint strategy areas and increase submissions with valuable reporting. Your CRO strategy can be evolved according to
    the number of portal groups.
  • HIPAA – Only Form Builder that can create HIPAA complaint forms.


  • Bronze – Get access to 5 forms in $19/month but the payment is only through Propay only.
  • Silver – Multi payment integrations for 20 forms at just $59/ month.
  • Gold – At just $99/month, get 100 forms and authorize 5 members of the teams to access the forms.
  • Platinum – Build 1000 forms and give access to 10 users at just $249/ month. Other benefits include priority support and advanced data collection features.
  • Enterprise – Get extra data management and security but need to contact their sales executive to work on the plans.

4. Formidable Forms – Build Formidable E- MarketPlace

Build a payment collecting form with drag and drop builder. Also, Create numerous merchant fields with blocks like dimensions of a product, currency, calculations, and pricing. Furthermore, connect with Mail Chimp to get email notifications on payments or even transaction failure.

Also, you can add an electronic signature box so that your customer can digitally sign the user agreements of the listed products. Moreover, have access to incredible CRM using HubSpot addons.

Formidable Forms - Build Formidable E- MarketPlace


  • Payment Processors Addons– Easy to add payment processors like PayPal, Stripe. The best part of these forms you can customize them as mobile-friendly forms.
  • Woocommerce Market – Bring WordPress market place to your forms with Woocommerce integrations. Build a list of products, compare them, and generate revenues when a customer purchases them.
  • Quiz Maker – Create a ton of quizzes involving your products, payment processors, and upgrades needed with just a simple add on.
  • Repeater Fields – Your visitors can themselves create new fields while filling the forms and automatically populate fields with user metadata, saved entries and 125+hooks.
  • Analysis – Multi charts types like Geo heat maps, scatter graphs, pie charts, and donuts graphs are available to visually present the segmented data of your customers.
  • Security – Anti-spam options include digital policeman like Akismet, WordPress comment blacklist, honeypot, and reCAPTCHA.


  • Basic – At $89/ year build unlimited multipage forms capturing unlimited entries automatic updates and Bootstrap Modals. Maybe not exactly an example of cheap payment collection forms but quite an effective tool in lead capturing.

  • Business – Get priority support and all the benefits from the basic plan at $179/month. You can bring addons like Twilio SMS and use up to 15 sites. However, payment collection is only through Paypal
  • Elite – Have access to elite support and more payment processors like Authorize.net, Stripe, and of course Paypal. All the benefits of a business plan are included in this package.

Note: They do come with a 14-day money-back guarantee scheme.

5. 123FormBuilder – Cheap & Modern Payment Collection Form

They have a separate online order form templates for eCommerce operations. Easy integrations with the mainstream CMS platforms like Joomla, Shopify, and Wix. You can export orders in PDF, EXCEL, and even CSV. And in relationship with European data regulation, they strictly adhere to GDPR compliance.

5. 123FormBuilder - Cheap & Modern Payment Collection Form


  • Form Optimization – Create a drop-down list of products, checkboxes, or a single choice with a number field so that the customer can edit the volume of products.  Also, predict the action and trigger more questions based on conditional logic. This makes it one of the cheap payment collection forms.
  • Payment Processors – Furthermore, many payment companies like PayPal, Square, Stripe, and Authorize.Net have created their own fields to be added to this form.
  • Discount Codes – Moreover, create forms allowing coupons, discount codes, and get alerted through emails when a new order is placed. Furthermore, edit the order forms, themes, and logo according to your discretion. Moreover, you even add social media buttons
  • Safety – Also, it uses field validations and SSL encryptions to safeguard and secure transactions.


  • Basic – This is a free plan and the number of forms that you can build with this plan is 5. However, you can’t add any payment processors.
  • Gold – You can build unlimited fields and create about 20 forms in $24.99/month. Again like the basic plan the payment integration is not supported.
  • Platinum – At $44.99 monthly get 20,000 leads and add Stripe, Paypal, etc for payment processing. Build an unlimited number of fields per form but the user access is still restricted to 1.

Note: Non -profit organizations get special discounts.

Conclusion –

Well, I hope you have gone through all the cheap payment collection forms listed in this article. These were selected on the basis of pricing and features that were totally reasonable. But before you take out your credit card, you should understand that there is a demo or a free trial available with each of these services. So try them out individually before buying.

Also, if you have any doubts about any of these software or form builders, in general, I will surely love to help. Please leave your queries in the comment section below.

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