When Galileo was aiming his telescope for the sky, what was he looking for? Moon, Jupiter, Comets, Stars, or perhaps some cheap Chargify alternatives. Just kidding, you will definitely find a decent yet cheap subscription billing software in this article. But first, some intro about Chargify.

Chargify is awesome as it bills a massive $1.5 billion in revenues and manages over 5 million subscriptions in a year. Moreover, it integrates a ton of payment gateways, creates unlimited incentives through coupons and their invoices are compatible with major tax regions. Also, it offers many billing channels, CRM, and automatic subscription management.


However, Chargify is far from perfect, the basic plan itself starts at $149 which is painfully high for a  small business or start-ups.
Besides, there is an extra onboarding cost of $0.69 (that you can transfer to your subscribers) which increases your product prices.
Another additional burden includes transaction fees netted by different payment processors which are not subsided by Chargify.

But, what if I told you, there are some services that can perform the same miracles as Chargify but at a fraction of its cost. Exciting isn’t it? Yes, this is 2022 and the digital world is marsh filled with free and cheap subscription filling software. However, there are some features mandatory for any decent subscription billing software, they are:

  • Multi Billing Models
  • Zero Transaction Charges
  • Incredible Analytics
  • Dunning Management
  • Data Security

On the basis of these prerequisites and reasonable pricing, I have jotted down five cheap Chargify alternatives that will surely do miracles in your subscription billing economy.

     Quick Comparison Between The Cheap Chargify Alternatives
ServiceBasic PlanExtra Transactional Fees (%)Affiliate ModulesBilling 
Pabbly Subscription Billing   $19/m0Unlimited
Sellfy $19/m2$10,000
MoonClerk$15/m2+Stripe Charges$2000

1. Pabbly Subscription Billing – The Cheapest Chargify Alternative

“The only software in the subscription billing world that showers us with features like unlimited billing, plans, products, dunning management, automatic emails, multi-payment gateways and much more even in the starter plan”

Pabbly Subscription Billing stands at the top because you can do unlimited subscription billing at the most nominal prices. Also, there are no onboarding charges or extra transaction fees.
Moreover, you can work on different billing models like one time, recurring, and payment based on a number of cycles. It comes integrated with multiple payment processors and a ton of currencies to generate revenues.

You can access dunning management to reduce credit card decline and get comprehensive reports on payment flow. Furthermore,  you don’t need any coding skills, just sign in and start billing immediately.

Pabbly Subscription Billing - The Cheapest Chargify Alternative


  • Zero Transaction Fees – The problem with transaction fees is while it looks innocuous as a small percentage, it balloons to a massive revenue loss for your business in the long run. While most software deducts a certain percentage of their service as transaction fees, Pabbly Subscription Billing deducts zero. Also as mentioned earlier there are no onboarding or hidden charges.
  • Currency Standards – Furthermore, Pabbly Subscription Billing wants your customer to have full flexibility while paying, hence nearly all currencies from every region are available in a dropdown.
  • Dunning Management – The system starts reattempting your client’s credit card from 1,3,5 and 7 days of billing failure. Moreover, automatic emails are sent before every attempt to notify both merchants and customers.
  • Affiliate Module – Begin your referral program so that your clients can earn some commissions for promoting your products.
  • Custom Branding – Get a custom domain, change the background image of the interface, add your customized logo on every invoice.
  • Tax Management – Moreover, you can create Multilingual checkout pages that are in compliance with the tax laws of the country where the client is from.
  • Third-Party Integration – Furthermore, you can integrate Xero, Netsuite, Quickbooks, and more applications with Webhooks and APIs.
  • Auto Email Notification -Also, you will be immediately notified of cancellation/renewal, new subscribes, upgrades/downgrades, and more things related to payments.
  • Interactive Dashboard – Here you can have an outlook about new subscribers, cancellations, refunds, and rebills for each client. Moreover in the section below various customer attributes like email, name, active status and product type is displayed
  • Reports – You can filter data based on subscription products, MRR, net revenue, active subscribers, and affiliate commissions.
  • Client portal – Each client has full power to edit their identities, products, subscription cycles, and download invoices.


There are five pricing plans based on the number of customers

  • Starter – In just $19/month do unlimited billing for 50 customers. More features are auto emails, dunning management and several third-party integrations and affiliate modules.
  • Rookie – Bill 100 customers at just paltry $37/month. Of course, all the features in starter plans are included.
  • Pro – A very popular plan loved by big business and startups alike as it bills 150 customers in just $57 per month.
  • Advanced – Serves 250 customers in just $79/month but one can increase the number of customers significantly.
  • Enterprise – This insane plan can bill over 50k subscribers but you need to contact their sales associates to get more information about this package.


2. PayWhirl – A Versatile Subscription Billing Software

Bring life to your subscription billing with Paywhirl at some of the most affordable rates. Moreover, you can embedded multiple payment processors as widgets and create chains of checkout pages. Furthermore, you can tweak many attributes using vast programming libraries like Phyton, Ruby, and PHP.

PayWhirl - A Versatile Subscription Billing Software


  • Integrations – Gives support for 10+ Payment gateways and bills in over 100 multiple currencies. Besides they accept all major credit cards.
  • Emails & Invoices – All the invoices can be edit in plain text or HTML editors, customize each email,  with images and emoticons.
  • Security – PayWhirl ensures maximum data security with SSL protection. Moreover, every payment transmissions are secured with TLS1.2 cryptographic protocols. Gives good reporting standards with PCI compliant security.
  • Forecasting – Using your present growth rates, trends and churn rates determine the revenue collections for the future. Draw appropriate strategies to shoot for higher profits.
  • Customer Insights – Immediately calculates the customersLTV, in mean, median, and mode approximations. Furthermore, you even monitor revenue accord to locations.


There are 4 pricing plans for PayWhirl

  • Free – There are no enrolment charges but takes a 3% cut as transaction fees.
  • Business Pro – At $49/month process up to $5k. Furthermore have access to priority tickets, phone support, and subscription reports. But deducts 2% as transaction charges.
  • Business Plus – Bill more than $ 8k subscriptions in a month and reduced transaction fees at 1%
  • Business Ultimate – In $249 process subscription worth $10k with just 0.5% as transaction fees, this plan is aimed at big business. Additional benefits include multiple account managers, reports on MRR, churns, and subscription, bring forecasts to determine revenue.


3. Sellfy – Leader In Digital Subscriptions

Sellfy promotes itself as a platform for digital creators, here you can sell digital and physical products as subscriptions or a one-time payment. Moreover, with Zapier you can connect to over 1000+ apps. Also, you create multiple coupons and discounts to engage your customers.

Sellfy - Leader In Digital Subscriptions


  • Payment Options – Use either PayPal or Stripe to accept payments from over 200 countries.
  • Security – Each transaction is secure with PCI-DSS apparatus. Furthermore, data is protected with GDPR compliance.
  • Analytics – Tracks the subscribers and clients on the basis of their IP address, monitor revenue generated by each product.
  • Social Media Marketplace – With Sellfy, you can sell on the Youtube channel, Soundcloud, and Instagram page by embedding it with a simple button.
  • Integrations – Show a preview of the product with a video and embed it on Youtube or Vimeo. Also, you can add a Facebook chat widget on the e-store and talk with clients directly.
  • Store Customization – Customize several attributes of the store like color, background image, fonts, and product listings. You can even set the language of the store accordingly. Furthermore, the e-store can be optimized for the mobile experience.


  • Starter – In just $19/month bill up to $10k subscriptions and there are no transactional fees. Moreover, you can build and customize stores, create coupons & discount codes.
  • Bussines – Bills up to $50k in just $39/month. Have access to 10,000 email credits and product upselling.
  • Premium – Processes $200k in just $89/month. There are no transaction fees and build an unlimited number of products.

Note: There is a free trial available with every version.


4. MoonClerk – Subscription Billing On Steroids

With MoonClerk you can build payment plans like recurring, one time, and even donations. Embed payment forms into websites with plugins and export data as PDFs, CSV, Google Sheets, etc. Also, you can construct invoices with custom branding and create a ton of coupons for product dissemination. Furthermore, MoonClerk uses many standardized services to get the job done, for example, it uses Mailchimp for bulk email delivery and Stripe as an integrated payment processor.

MoonClerk - Subscription Billing On Steroids


  • Dunning Management – The system will reattempt payments on 3, 5, 7 days from the 1st failed billing day. You can change these settings accordingly depending upon the payment gateways you are using.
  • Digital Delivery – Have access to unlimited storage and delivery bandwidth to sell digital products(videos, ebooks, live webinars) through subscriptions. Also, you can style the download page to match your brand.
  • Crowdfunding – As a startup with the help of MoonClerk you can even start crowdfunding to raise revenues. You can set goal amounts, track progress, and customize the campaign pages to resonate with your brand. Might not be exactly cheap Chargify alternatives but worth it.
  • Newsletter – Send information about the new products with newsletters through Mailchimp pro. All the data will be auto-sync between MoonClerk and Mailchimp, so just segment your subscribers and fire away emails.


There are several pricing plans based on revenue volume. The pricing is listed on a slider, when dragging slider towards the right increases the revenue volume and therefore axiomatically the price. For instance, first price is $15/ month that can bill over $2000 in revenue whereas high volume plans include billing $150,000 revenues in just $500/month. But you need to remember that each transaction deducts 2.9% as fees for Stripe. That is why for high volume it is counted as a cheap Chargify alternatives


5. Hiveage – A Versatile Chargify Alternative

Hiveage caters to small businesses, as in nominal rates they can set up daily, weekly, and monthly recurring payments. You can even modify the frequency and occurrences accordingly. The best part is you can even set expiry dates and keep your customer informed about the shelf life of the product. Also, the outgoing subscription payment invoices can be viewed as drafts before you send them. Moreover, they have mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Hiveage - A Versatile Chargify Alternative


  • Security – Hiveage offers bank-level security and all the payment information is strictly between you and your client, not any eavesdropping third party.
  • Offline Payments– Accept payments by cash or checks for a certain number of products. Also, with some modifications, you can also accept partial payments.
  • Invoices – Create elegant invoices that are accepted by all tax regions. Also, these invoices will carry your company’s logo and details for more brand awareness.
  • Payment Reminders– Moreover keep your customers in the loop by sending repeated reminders about the expiry dates and card declines.
  • Payment Gateways – All major payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree are accepted by Hiveage. Besides they also support multiple currencies.


There are four pricing plans

  • Free – Sign up and start billing service for 5 customers.
  • Basic – This plan is featured for savvy freelancers, at $16/month you can bill 50 clients. Moreover, have access to unlimited expense tracking and financial reports. That is why a cheap Chargify alternatives.
  • Pro – Advertised for small business, the pricing of this plan is $25/month and service 250 customers. The user access is increased to 5 members with custom email notifications and email reminders.
  • Plus – At $42/month, it can bill over 1000 clients. This platform is aimed at big business and includes all the features from the Pro plan.

Note: You can try every plan for a fixed number of days.


Conclusion –

Phew!! I really hope that you got some ideas about cheap Chargify alternatives. The listicles were refined on the basis of pricing and features that I found quite genuine. But before you purchase any services, you should individually test and try each of them as a demo account is available.

Also, if you have any doubts regarding these selections or the subscription billing ecosystem in general, please ping me. I will love to help. Thank you.

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