Going bananas in search of the best Stripe payment analytics software? If yes, then catch your breath as we have something to cheer you up.

But, before jumping on that, let’s take a couple of minutes to understand Stripe.

Stripe payment is one of the most prominent gateways of digital marketing as its mission is to make accepting payment a walk in the park. In one of the surveys done by Capgemini and BNB Paribas, it has been revealed that around 726 billion digital transactions used to happen successfully across the globe. The reason for the rise in non-cash payments services is the availability of digital payment tools like Stripe, Paypal, etc on fingertips.

Best Stripe Payment Analytics Software

Usually, the Saas based companies go for subscription or recurring payment as it makes the revenue inflow.  Most of the subscription business started off providing very simple domestic credit card processing. But over the years, it has added multiple offerings like credit card payments, digital wallet payments, and much more. Hence, it becomes a necessity to keep track of customers billing activities such as subscription plans, cancel payment, refund, and much more.

So, if you own the business that relies on recurring billing and looking for a payment analytics tool. Then, below checklist might help you

  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Real-Time Monitoring

Considering all these aforementioned points and much more, we have sieved out the cheap Stripe payment analytics software for your subscription business.

Quick Comparison Between Best Stripe Payment Analytics Software 
ServiceBasic PlanBillingTransaction Fee
(In %)
Affiliate Module
Pabbly Subscription Billing$19/mUnlimited0
Let’s dive into meatier aspects like the description and pricing of all the software.

1. Pabbly Subscription Billing – Best Stripe Payment Analytics Tool

“The subscription management software that doesn’t restrict on features by offering unlimited plans, revenue, no hidden charges and much more even in the basic plan.”

Pabbly Subscription Billing is one of the affordable subscription management software that provides payment analytics. It is not only used for invoice generation but also considered as one of the effective revenue generation tools. Using the software, one can keep track of payment. Moreover, it stays you on top of billing activities by providing detailed report of the failed, canceled and due transaction.

Along with the Stripe payment gateway, it also supports Paypal, RazorPay, Authorize.net for effective payment transactions. Not just this, it is swamped with 25+ global currencies. Additionally, Pabbly Subscription Billing provides dunning management that took care of all the credit card’s blunder.

On top of everything, it is the only recurring billing software available in the market that doesn’t charge any transaction fees. Further, one can access all the advanced features like tax handling, Webhooks, integrations, and much more in a starter plan too which other software forbids.

Pabbly Subscription Billing - Best Stripe Payment Analytics Software


  • Sales & Analytic –  Further, it provides a detailed report of the customer sales which includes MRR, ARPU, churn rate, and more.
  • Embed Checkout Page – The software allows you to embed the checkout page by simply pasting the code without any coding skill.
  • Offline Subscription Cycle – Not just online, recurring or one-time payments but it also offer offline subscription cycle for customers.
  • Customer Import and Export – This is the crucial feature of the software as it allows us to import or export all the customer data in software from the old subscription services.
  • Client Portal – As the name suggested, it gives all the customers a portal where they can manage all their invoices, plans, or products.
  • Collect Charge – Collect charge allows an automatic deduction of money after a due date from the client’s saved credit card.
  • Email Notification System – Further, it notifies the customer and the merchant for different actions like canceled payment, successful payment, etc via emails.
  • Record Payment – This feature of the software helps in changing the status of invoices from created to paid. Basically, it records the customer’s details.
  • Custom Branding –  With the help of it, one can add a brand logo, image and much more to develop trust among customers.


  • Starter – The starter plan offers 50 customers at the price of $19/m.
  • Rookie – Next, the rookie plan offers 100 customers for $37/m.
  • Pro – Further, in a pro plan, one can access 150 customers for $57/m.
  • Advanced – The advanced plan offers 250 customers for $79/m.
  • Enterprise – Finally, to avail the enterprise plan, one needs to reach out to the sales team of the company.

Note – The software offers amazing discounts on all its yearly plan.

2. Putler – Versatile Stripe Payment Analytics Tool

The second one in our list is Putler, one of the ideal analytics tools for payment. The software consolidates with a real-time reporting feature of the business which involves an insight of sales, visitors, purchase made and much more using the software. Further, it fastens the common transaction management tasks.

Putler - Versatile Stripe Payment Analytics Tool


  • Dashboard – The software offers a smart dashboard that provides all the details of a customer in one place.
  • Strategic Planning – As the name depicted, this feature of the software helps you to come up with different strategies to boost the business.
  • Profitability Analysis –  It helps in analyzing the sales thoroughly. So that one can decide what brings more profit to a business.
  • Trend & Problem Indicators – Using it, one can stay on top of the trend, and it also brief you with shortcomings of business.
  • Visitors Behavior – The tool helps in tracking the behavior of casual visitors later to convert them into customers.


  • Starter – The starter plan charges $29/m for 300 orders.
  • Growth – Next, the growth plan charges $79/m for 3000 orders.
  • Scale – Finally, the scale plan will charge $249/m for 10,000 orders.

3. PayWhirl – Payment Analytics With Edge

Following our list, we have PayWhirl, one of the promising Stripe payment analytics software. The software is apt for small as well as business with giant needs. Using the software, one can track all the recurring and one-time payment like a pro. Further, it is easy to set up by simply copying or pasting the widget on websites.

PayWhirl - Payment Analytics With Edge


  • Track Recurring Revenue – The software helps in tracking the Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Annualized Run Rate (ARR), and sales metrics.
  • Customer Insights – It provides the insight of customer lifetime value and also keeps an eye on customer churn.
  • Secure Gateway –  PayWhirl offers 1.2 cryptographic protocols and meets current PCI-compliant security standards.
  • Customizable Emails & Invoices – Using it, one can customize or design the emails and invoices.
  • Predictive Growth & Forecasting – With the help of it, you can enhance the growth of a business as it gives a complete analysis of sales.


  • Starter – The starter will cost $0/m which is basically a free trial with restrictions on features.
  • Business Pro – Next, the business pro plan will cost $49/m for 3 account managers.
  • The Business Plus – Subsequently, the business plus will cost $149/m for 10 account managers.
  • Business Ultimate – Lastly, the business ultimate will cost $249/m for infinite account managers.

4. Baremetrics – Stripe Payment Analytics Platform

Next, we are unfolding out Baremetrics one of the affordable Stripe payment analytics platforms. The software is bundled up with features like dunning, metering, and engagement tools to take up the business to another level. Further, one can keep an eye on its competitors using Baremetrics as it provides detailed insights.



  • Smart Dashboard – This feature of the software provides a quick comparison of everything from recurring revenue to customer churn.
  • Email Reports – With the help of it, one can keep informed with daily, weekly and monthly reports of the sales.
  • Control Center – It is basically the control center of the software that keeps you updated about every minute detail happening in software.
  • Cancellation Insights – Using it, one can know why the customers cancel the plan and later send them triggered mails to bring back the lost customers.
  • Segmentation – Segmentation feature of the software helps in organizing customers to bring meaningful and comparative insights.


  • For a business with MRR $0 – $5000/m, it will cost $50/m.
  • Next, the business whose monthly revenue is $15,000/m, it will cost $75/m.
  • Further, for business with revenue of $250,000/m, it costs $300/m.
  • Finally, for the business with higher needs, it has a custom plan.

5. ChartMogul – Subscription Data Platform

The last service in our list is ChartMogul who already made its presence in the digital market. It is one of the world’s first subscription data platforms. The software caters to your business needs by allowing you to well-categorized sales regions and customer plan groups. Further, it provides deep insights into the business.



  • Customer Profiles – The software offers customer profiles so that they can easily handle all their invoices, payments, and much more.
  • Performance Metrics – Further, the software has performance metrics which notices the billing pattern of customers and also updates about the due or canceled payments.
  • Subscription Histories – With the help of it, one knows all about the old and new customers as it keeps subscription history.
  • Improve Subscriber Retention – It uses Cohort analysis which gives insights into subscription plans.
  • Integrations – Using the integration, you can easily import data from Chargebee, Recurly, PayPal, and so on.


  • Launch – It will cost $0/m with a limitation on features.
  • Scale – The scale plan will cost $100/m with an unlimited user account.
  • Volume – Finally, the volume plan will cost $2000/m for unlimited users. It is the best suit for businesses with higher needs.

Conclusion –

Gladly, here we covered all the best Stripe payments analytics software available in the market. All the mentioned tools remove traditional billing bottlenecks and help in simplifying the payment processing platform. So, our advice here is to choose the one that can meet small and vast business needs.

Don’t wait now! Run and grab a deal.

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