“Seek and you shall find” is perhaps the phrase aimed at those looking for Mad Mimi alternatives. Just kidding, in this article, you will definitely find the best email marketing services that suit your requirement.

Mad Mimi is a top-notch email marketing Saas platform that can deliver bulk emails at just 10$. It comes with spam checkers, mailing list management, analytics and forms.

But Mad Mimi is far from perfect because it lacks key features like autoresponders, drip marketing, and automatic save. Besides, it comes with a clunky email editor and there is no option for free trial or demo.


Look, whatever your problems are, you should know that the digital market is flooded with a ton of free and cheap email marketing services.

But before you jump into any, there are some mandatory features required in every decent email marketing software, they are

  • High Inbox Delivery
  • Segmentation and Security
  • SMTP Integration & Routing
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Affordability and Ease of use

Now keeping these features and prices in mind, I have brought five of the best Mad Mimi alternatives for you.

     Quick Comparison Between The Mad Mimi Alternatives
ServiceBasic Plan EmailsSMTP Routing Workflow Automation
Pabbly Email Marketing  $29/mUnlimitedUnlimited
HubSpot $800/mUnlimitedNANA

1. Pabbly Email Marketing – The Best Mad Mimi Alternative

“It doesn’t matter if you are opting for the starter or premium plan, Pabbly Email Marketing bombards you with features like autoresponders, 2x open rates, workflow automation, SMTP routing, and more.”

Pabbly Email Marketing is the undisputed champion of the email marketing arena as you can send unlimited emails at the most affordable pricing. Furthermore, it’s very own inbuilt SMTP ensures very high inbox placement rates of 99% which is way above the global standards. Bring email rain on your subscriber’s inbox with marketing automation and set autoresponders to warmly welcome your new clients.

Furthermore, its SMTP routing feature allows connecting with multiple external SMTPs to deliver bulk emails without getting domain blocked. Improve your email flow with consistent A/B testing. Also, the best part is there is no need for any technical expertise with Pabbly Email Marketing. Just create an account and you are ready to roll.

Pabbly Email Marketing - The Best Mad Mimi Alternative


  • Templates – Pabbly Email Marketing offers 500+ stunning pre-build templates based on many work areas. And also it comes with a very perceptive drag & drop email builder to create incredible emails. Also, you can place your logo in all your emails.
  • Email Tracking – Have access to individual reports on email campaigns per client with data on the opened, clicked, spam emails, unsubscribed, along with the client’s locations and IP addresses.
  • Workflow Automation – To reduce work stress and save time, create unlimited workflows to automate many processes. Do remember that Mad Mimi doesn’t give this luxury.
  • Security – Many layers of barriers to protect confidential information from malicious attacks. These security layers include active scanning, SSL protection, and firewalls.
  • Autoresponders – Send automatic welcoming emails when a new member joins the list, deliver heartful messages on birthdays and anniversaries of your clients to show that you care. Set up trigger-based emails for onboarding unsubscribe, and abandoned shopping cart to get your client’s attention.
  • SMTP Routing – While sending emails, you have the flexibility of linking it multiple external SMTPs of your choice like Amazon SES, Sparkpost, etc. You also have the luxury of segmenting the emails on the basis of flat or percentage. This reduces your bounce rates and axiomatically increases your inbox probabilities.
  • MX Cleaner – Scrub away invalid or unresponsive email addresses to ensure a healthy email list.
  • Import Emails – From your old email list easily import email addresses within Pabbly Email Marketing.
  • Forms – Add subscription forms to your website to get extra leads


Pabbly Email Marketing offers four simple plans, they are as follows

  • Forever Free – Deliver 12,000 emails to 1,100 subscribers with this totally free package. Just sign up and you are ready to roll.
  • Rookie – At paltry $29, send unlimited emails to 5000 subscribers. Furthermore, extra incredible features include marketing automation, SMTP routing, and list management.
  • Pro – This is their most popular plan as one can dispatch unlimited emails to 15,000 subscribers at just $49 per month. All the features of the Rookie plan are included in this plan.
  • Advance – Send unlimited emails to 50,000 subscribers at just $99 charged monthly.
  • Enterprise – To send bulk emails to more than 1 million subscribers, then contact their sales representatives.

Note: One should always go for their yearly plans as there is a 20% discount per plan.


2. Sendinblue – A Versatile Mad Mimi Alternative

Sendinblue promises to send a precise letter at a precise time. Not only emails but Sendiblue can deliver bulk SMSes to your clients. Its incredible machine learning skills ensure the highest degree of automation and low manual labor. Furthermore, an inbuilt drip newsletter function which ensures reliability when sending trigger-based emails.

Sendinblue - A Versatile Mad Mimi Alternative


  • Social Media Marketing – Placing ads on Facebook and other social media sites are easy. As most of the Millenials are jumping into social media this can be a good hunting ground to capture leads.
  • Marketing Automation – Moreover,  segment data of your clients into different sections based on mutual interest and send
    emails per section based on trigger or time.
  • Email Builder – An mobile-responsive email builder to compose incredible emails from nothing.
  • CRM –  Also, the customer’s information is stored and managed in a centralized hub and can be retrieved for many purposes later on.
  • A/B testing – Furthermore,  find the number of parallel connections and test each of them to find the best placement rates in percentages. As a matter of fact, many types of intelligent forms are also available to gather data.


  • Lite – At $25/month send 40,000 emails with no daily sending limit.
  • Essential – Send 60,000 emails at just $39/month. Furthermore, you can play with A/B testing and have access to a centralized CRM.
  • Premium – Deliver 120000 emails at $66/month. Other benefits include Facebook Ads and marketing automation.
  • Enterprise – Also, you need to contact their sales representative to access the features.


3. GetResponse – Email Marketing With An Edge

GetResponse allows you to track and even rate client actions like giving positive points for good actions and deducting points for inaction. Personalize company info, logo, and client name in the emails. Automatically start sending from an array of composed letters through its drip emailing.

GetResponse - Email Marketing With An Edge


  • Ads Creator – Generate a flurry of interest in social media regarding your current project and rope in many potential customers.
  • Marketing Automation – Also, create many workflows to welcome, upsell, and take in new potential clients. Reduce the cart abandonment rates by sending follow up emails and reminding them about transaction failure.
  • Email Tracking – Furthermore, from its birth to the finish line, the entire life history of an email will be in your hands. And the best part is data of an email history is saved for many days. Besides the information is presented in the form of graphs, pie charts and more.
  • Landing Pages – Generate more leads with high converting landing pages and forms.
  • Email API –  Also, developers can access several APIS and tweak many attributes for easy embedding.


  • Basic – Send unlimited emails to 1000 contacts at just $15/month
  • Plus – Generate leads, sell products, and dispatch unlimited emails to many subscribers.
  • Professional – At $99/month this advanced plan feature includes multiple integrations and marketing automation
  • Enterprise – Deliver unlimited emails at $1,199 to more than 100000 contacts.

Note: There are plans on the basis of 12 months and 24 months each saving 18% and 30% respectively.


4.  SendPulse – An Interesting Mad Mimi Alternative

SendPulse doesn’t restrict you with just email marketing, you can surge ahead with web push notifications, Viber messages, SMS, and Facebook chat. A state of the art CRM which controls your data and presents to you in simple delightful formats.

SendPulse - An Interesting Mad Mimi Alternative


  • Email Builder – Bring life to your emails with 130+ email templates and preview emails in each device ie mobile, tablets, and desktops.
  • Automation 360 – An all-round automation tools to trigger chains of emails, event set SMSes at the right time
  • Subscription Forms –  Also, create your e-market with subscription forms, customize fields, insert images and lot more. Most of the best Mad Mimi alternatives can do it.
  • Advanced Segmentation – Dispatch personalized emails to your clients on the basis of gender, location, behavior with respect to the interest of earlier emails.
    Integrations – Furthermore, CRMs, CMS, shopping scripts, and others can be brought under one platform to track information. It comes with API documentation for each service and allows 40+integrations.


Their pricing is based on the number of subscribers you have in your mailing list. Their first plan can dispatch unlimited emails at $8 a month. And their premium plan is at $ 7000 per month that can send unlimited emails to over 5 million subscribers.


5. HubSpot – Full Electronic Marketing Box At Your Door Step

HubSpot has been in the email marketing business for a significant amount and therefore the experience. One should realize that Hubspot comes as a total bundle with goodies like email marketing, form builders, coupons, and social media marketing hence the cost. Their CRM software adds customer information in a shared database and from there gauge their future patterns based on past data.

HubSpot - Full Electronic Marketing Box At Your Door Step


  • Email Editor – Have access to rich and clutter-free email templates with an intuitive drag & drop builder to create stunning emails.
  • CRM – Also, a centralized CRM hub to segment your client’s data based on real-time events and generate the entire history of your email campaigns per client. Also, perform a ton of A/B testing to understand how each draft going to perform in different channels
  • Auto-sync – Furthermore, easily sync with Outlook, Google, or Office 365 calendar. You can also import email addresses and export data into CSV. This makes it one of the best Mad Mimi alternatives.
  • Social Media Engagement – Get live data scheduling from social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin to your HubSpot page.


At $800/month, you have the power to send unlimited emails, contact management, contact insights, and placing ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. The best part is there is a demo version available to try it out.


Conclusion –

Viola!! I hope you have examined each and every Mad Mimi alternatives mentioned in this article. These were filtered on the basis of pricing and features which I found quite fair. But hey, don’t take my words for granted. And before you take out your credit cards, you should know that there is a demo or a free trial available with each of these software. Do try them out individually

Also, if you find any credible information that I have missed while covering these services do comment below. I will surely take a note of it.

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