Accept me as your shepherd and I will lead you to the best dunning management software. So, what is dunning management? Glad that you ask.

Dunning Management basically means, countermeasures deployed by a recurring billing software to fix/control glitches caused due to credit card decline. The countermeasures can be anything from actively monitoring the credit card’s expiry date to sending email alerts as reminders to customers.


As the world is racing towards a subscription-based economy, axiomatically the number of failed transactions has also risen. One or two transaction decline can be accepted. But for products with a large subscriber base, a high number of consumer churn can be very detrimental for their revenue models.

That is why nowadays every e-commerce company wheater large or small is demanding that recurring billing software must have dunning management pre-installed in it. But, this is 2022, and the digital market is flooded with free and cheap software.

Since you need the best, you should know that every dunning management software must have some mandatory features like

  • Active Monitoring
  • Automatic Reattempts
  • Auto Email Alerts

Without these features, the so-called dunning management is total junk. So, on the basis of these features and pricing, I have jotted down the 5 best dunning management software.

     Quick Comparison Between The Best Dunning Management Software
ServiceBasic PlanExtra Transactional Fees (%)Affiliate ModulesBilling 
Pabbly Subscription Billing   $19/m0Unlimited
FastSpringCustomizableNATailor- Made
Wallee$19.95/m1.9Tailor Made

1. Pabbly Subscription Billing – Best Dunning Management Software

“A software in the subscription billing world that allows dunning management, unlimited revenue, integrations, products and much more in their starter plan”

Pabbly Subscription Billing is awesome, as in case of transaction failure its dunning management system reattempts payments automatically on the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th day from the date of billing. Also, on every reattempt, automatic email notifications are sent to both merchants and the customers. Furthermore, the customer can directly pay from the dunning email itself as it embedded with a pay now button.

Moreover, you can generate unlimited revenues at the most affordable rates and also with no extra transactional fees. It powers you to work on different billing models like one-time, recurring, and payments on a number of cycles. Also, add a ton of payment gateways. The best part is no technical skills are needed just, paste a couple of APIs to embed to your applications.

Pabbly Subscription Billing - Best Dunning Management Software


  • Dunning Management – Pabbly Subscription Billing provides dunning management even in the starter plan. It proactively monitors credit cards and reattempts payments. Furthermore, by deleting the pending invoice, you can put brakes on the dining cycle for any customer.
  • Automatic Emails – Emails are sent to both merchants and customers for transaction events like payment success, failure, and the expiration of the subscription.
  • Interactive Dashboard – Get a perspective about the total sales, new subscribers, refunds, cancellation, and rebills on a single panel per client. Furthermore, on a section underneath, many consumer identities like name, email, live status, and product type are found.
  • Payment Gateways – Add multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Razor Pay, and Authorize. It doesn’t matter what payment processor you are using, dunning management will work on everyone.
  • Reports – Moreover, this part can filter data on subscriptions, net revenue, MRR, active customer, affiliate commissions on the basis of not just days, but weeks and months. Furthermore, the data will be presented in the form of graphical tools like a pie chart, bar chart, and more.
  • Client Portal – The customers can themselves track various details on transactions, change credit card details, and download invoices. Here they can upgrade/downgrade and cancel subscriptions.
  • Custom Branding – Have your own custom domain, add a logo, and change the background image.
  • Invoices – Moreover, the invoice is compatible with the tax rules of every country.
  • Third-Party Integration – Integrate with multiple applications like Xero, Quickbooks, and more with WebHooks.


On the basis of the number of customers, there are five pricing plans

  • Starter – At $19 per month bill up to 50 customers. Other additional features include several third party integrations and auto-emails. dunning management is available in this plan. Moreover, with affiliate modules, you can expand your brand to the stars.
  • Rookie – In just paltry $37/month you have the ability to bill 100 customers.
  • Pro – This is their most popular plan and it bills 150 customers in just $57 per month
  • Advanced – Caters to 250 customers at cheap $79/month and one can scale up the number of customers significantly.
  • Enterprise – An omega account to bill customers beyond 50k subscribers but you need to contact their sales team to get more information about this package.

2. FastSpring – An Intelligent Dunning Management System

FastSpring promises intelligent dunning management to reduce involuntary churn rates. You can send plain text or reminder emails to the customer at 2, 5, 7, 14, and even 21 days but after that payment method fails. The best part is if your customer’s free trial subscription comes to end, FastSpring automatically jumps to the paid version after sending an email to the customer.

FastSpring - An Intelligent Dunning Management System


  • Dunning Management – FastSpring actively monitors credit card details to remind the customers about their expiring credit card. Moreover, it automatically upgrades the free subscription to the paid ones after a friendly reminder email.
  • Digital Downloads – Your customers can easily download digital materials from the invoice page itself. You can also alter or fix the number of times your art can be downloaded.
  • Global Payments – One can integrate any payment platform with compliance to GDPR and VAT rules. Not just payment gateways but hook it with CRMs, resource managers, datasheets, and more.
  • Branded Checkout – Your invoicing can be customized according to discretion, even the dunning emails can be made cordial by changing the themes, texture, and formats.
  • Security – As company managing multi-million revenues they come with PCI compliance security. Your customer’s data will always be safe as they adhere to GDPR norms.


FastSpring prefers customization, hence they don’t display their prices. You should contact their sales representatives to get an idea about the features and pricing.

3. Fusebill – A Versatile Dunning Management Software

Fusebill allows you to create a set of regulations on the failure of credit card payments, these set of directions are called dunning Rules. Of course, the default reattempts can be customized accordingly. Also, unlike other services dunning rules in Fusebill allows a grace period before the customer profile is thrown into a suspended state.

Fusebill - A Versatile Dunning Management Software


  • Dunning Rules – Allows automation in retry attempts, email notifications, and changing customer status. The default attempts are set to trigger at 3,5 and 5 days after a payment failure. Furthermore, customer staus can be changed like good, poor standing, and collections.
  • Payment Options – Flexibility for the customers on how they pay with credit cards, PayPal, EFT, or ACH. Furthermore, multiple currencies are offered from different countries.
  • Security – Furthermore, you need not worry about security with multiple firewalls, network intrusion detection, and secured content delivery systems. They are one of the few companies in the payment industry awarded with PCI level certification.
  • Integrations – Also, link it with CRMs, accounting tools, payment gateways, and even revenue recognition software with ease.
  • Reports – Gives real-time business insights on the dashboard itself, have a look at subscribing rate, reconciliation reports, customer base, and revenue leakage.


  • Startup – At just $295 it gives basic onboarding features with salesforce and Hubspot integration.
  • Rapid-Growth – Best for companies for billing above 1 million in revenue at $895.
  • Enterprise – Billing above $10 million, well contact their marketing executives.

4. Zoho Subscriptions – Recurring Billing With Experience

They are a diversified company with quality products and a ton of user experience. Their dunning management is called retry settings which try charging up the card again in case of failure. It quickly does a full analysis of reasons for involuntary churn such as insufficient funds in credit card, date of expiry, or if its a blocked card.

Zoho Subscriptions - Recurring Billing With Experience


  • Dunning Management – Zoho subscriptions retrial setting starts auto attempting 5 days after the transaction or renewal was severed. In case of failure, it again tries in 5 days and then 3 days. On each retrial, emails will be sent as a notification to both customers and merchants.
  • Configuring Retries – Now the 5,5, and 3 days were the default dunning management settings, it can be easily altered to many different combinations according to your wish. But the only condition is that the sum of between retries can’t more than 30 days.
  • Reports – Moreover, Zoho Subscriptions summons a report on net cancellations, churn rate, and churn retire. Furthermore, there are more than 40 indicators to know the well being of your subscription economy.
  • Coupons – Also, you can create multiple coupons to introduce your new product to customers. Likewise, there is a self-service portal for your customer to know their invoices, payments, subscriptions and to update card details.
  • Payment Options – You name it and that payment gateway can be inserted into Zoho Subscriptions. Besides, have access to a flexible billing cycle and ton of currency standards.


  • Basic – At $39/ month billed annually, serve 500 customers and access to 3 users. Yes, dunning management is available.
  • Standard – Bill 2000 customers in just $79/month, the user access is upgraded to 5 with 10 automated workflows.
  • Professional – At $249/month user access is increased to 10 and gives service to 5000 customers. Furthermore, multiple currencies are supported and come with a dedicated account manager

Note: There is a free plan that bills 20 subscribers, but the payment gateway is restricted to the only Stripe.

5. Wallee –  Billing Software With An Edge

Wallee despite being a new entrant in the subscription field has a state of the art dunning management features like notification emails and reattempts. Also, their services are built for merchants, developers, and agencies. Moreover, they have the plugin installed for all major shopping companies and access to multiple credit/debit card brands.

Wallee -  Billing Software With An Edge


  • Dunning Flow – Easily set up Dunning management with retry logics and send emails as payment reminders or overdue notices.
  • Billings – Also, they offer a solution for e-commerce, point of sale with their unified payment infrastructure in all standardized hardware across Europe. Moreover, they have split their selling business as digital and physical goods.
  • Portals – Furthermore, have a portal for both customers and merchants for set upping up products with multiple billing models. The customers in their portals can upgrade/downgrade subscriptions accordingly.
  • Plugins – Moreover, you can integrate plugins of shopping carts like WooComerce. Shopware, Magneto, and Shopify. Also, the payment methods will be synchronized accordingly with your shopping cartels.


  • Terminal Only – At 0 CHF build a store for physical goods.
  • Basic – In 19.95 Swiss Francs accept payments online or Face2Face into the shopping carts.
  • Business – Practically bill everything at CHF 69.90 for large and medium clients.
  • Enterprise – Fill Large demand billing after you contact their sales team.

Note: They debit transaction fees according to the payment gateway you are using.

Conclusion –

Finally !! I hope that you got some ideas about the best dunning management software. The services were arranged on the basis of pricing and features that I found quite reasonable. But hey, before you jump into any, you should individually test and try each software as there is a demo available with each.

Also, if you have any doubts regarding the dunning management or the subscription economy. I will love to help. Thank you.

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