Finding the best drip email marketing software is akin to a treasure hunt. Well, in this article, you will definitely get some real clues to finally find your treasure. But before venturing, let me give you an introduction to drip email marketing.

Drip email marketing is simply taken from the word “drip irrigation” which means small droplets of water are given to plants over long time periods. Likewise, here automated emails are sent to your clients on time or trigger-based schedules. This is to make sure that there is always a warm flow of communication between your loyal customers and you.


Other benefits include saving time, high conversion rates, and tracking performances. So, as a merchant or business owner, you simply must have some kind of automated email dispatching software.

If not, then there is always a beginning but before you jump into any, you must know there are many cheap and free software available in the digital market. But only a fraction of them comes with mandatory features like

  • Automated triggers
  • Easy Set-Up
  • Bulk Email Transfer
  • Cost Effectiveness

Now keeping these features and prices in mind, I have brought five of the best drip email marketing software for you.

     Quick Comparison Between The Best Drip Email Marketing Services
ServiceBasic Plan EmailsSMTP Routing Workflow Automation
Pabbly Email Marketing$19/mUnlimited
GetResponse $15/m10,000$150/m10,000

1. Pabbly Email Marketing – Best Drip Email Marketer

“It is the only software that does not restrict you on features like unlimited emails, workflows, autoresponders, custom fields, subscription forms, etc. even in the basic pricing”

Pabbly Email Marketing tops the leaderboard as you can send drip automated emails for variants like welcome, re-engagement, promotional, top of mind drips, and more.  Furthermore, they come in with their own inbuilt SMTP so that you can send unlimited emails at most nominal prices.  Also, their deliverability rate is 99% which is significantly higher than the industrial benchmarks.

Another feature that sets Pabbly Email Marketing apart is SMTP routing which means you have the flexibility to add different external SMTPs while sending emails. And no technical skill is required, just sign up and begin your email campaigning at once.

Pabbly Email Marketing - Best Drip Email Marketer


  • Automated Emails – You can easily set up auto trigger emails for welcoming more participants, renewals & confirmations, and engagements. Bombard emails for onboarding unsubscribe, and abandoned shopping cart to get your client’s attention.
  • Email Tracking – Get individual reports on your drip email campaigns per client with data on the opened, clicked, unsubscribed, spam emails along with the client’s locations.
  • Workflow Automation – Build unlimited workflows to automate your drip email campaigning.
  • SMTP Routing – When dispatch emails, you have the option of connecting it multiple external SMTPs of your choice like Amazon SES, Sparkpost etc. The division of emails can be done on a flat or percentage basis. This ensures reduced bounce rates and higher inbox deliverability.
  • Templates – Stunning pre-build templates based on many work areas are offered and also it comes with a very perceptive drag & drop email builder to create incredible emails. Also, you can place your logo in all your emails.
  • Security – Its state of the art security apparatus have layers of barriers to protect confidential information from malicious attacks. These security layers include active scanning, SSL protection, and firewalls.
  • MX Cleaner – Scrub away invalid or unresponsive email addresses to ensure a healthy email list.
  • 2X Open Rate – It sends the follow-up emails to the non opened ones as a reminder to ensure higher open rates.
  • Import Emails – From your old email list easily import email addresses within Pabbly Email Marketing.
  • Forms – Add subscription forms to your website to efficiently capture more leads.


Pabbly Email Marketing offers five plans, they are as follows

  • Forever Free – Send 12,000 emails to 1,100 subscribers with this totally free package. Just sign up and you begin your email campaigning at once.
  • Rookie – At just $29, you can send unlimited emails to 5000 subscribers. More awesome features include list management, SMTP routing, and an email builder.
  • Pro – One can dispatch unlimited emails to 15,000 subscribers at just $49 per month. And this their most commercially marketed plan.
  • Advance – Send unlimited emails to 50,000 subscribers at just $99 charged monthly.
  • Enterprise – If you want to send bulk emails to more than 1 million subscribers, then contact their sales representatives.

2. Sendinblue – Bring In Email Rain

You can dispatch precise letter at a precise time with Sendinblue. They have an inbuilt drip newsletter function which ensures reliability when sending trigger-based emails. Their services are not restricted to emails, you can even send welcoming SMSes to keep your customers in the loop.

To create and customize an email template in their email builder to build responsive professional emails is easy. Also from windows outlook and excel which are third-party software uploading content to their email builder is seamless.

Sendinblue - Bring In Email Rain


  • Signup Forms – Easily bring leads to your table with the customized forms that can be integrated into your website.
  • Marketing Automation – Set time and event-based trigger emails like for welcoming the new clients, thanking for closure, and reminding them about the unopened important emails.
  • CRM – A central CRM hub to store and then filter the data of your clients do that you can take confident actions based on past behaviors of your customers.
  • Facebook Ads – Not only Facebook but place your ads in many social media websites like Tumbler, Bitchute, and Twitter.
  • Email Builder – Stunning and eyecatching emails can be built from scratch which is responsive even in mobiles.


  • Lite – Send 40,000 emails at $25/month with no daily dispatch limit.
  • Essential – Upgrade the email sending to 60,000 emails at $39/month.
  • Premium – Send 120000 emails at $66/month. Other benefits include Marketing automation,chat-based support, and even insert Facebook ads. Furthermore, you can play with A/B testing and integrated your CRM.
  • Enterprise – You need to contact their sales associates to know about this plan.

3. GetResponse – A Versatile Drip Marketing Software

Your email marketing can be kept on autopilot mode using Getresponse. Send from a set line of already drafted letters through its drip email feature. Further personalizing these emails with clients’ names, company info is ease. Track your customers who have abandoned their carts in the middle and remind them politely about the transaction failure.

GetResponse - A Versatile Drip Marketing Software


  • Marketing Automation – Create and customize your workflows to welcome, upsell, and win back your visitors.
  • Email Tracking – It can track an email’s entire lifecycle and its data can be saved for many days. Perform Whitelisting/Blacklisting, spam blocking, and queue management with ease.
  • Ads Creator – Create ads on social media about your current project and rope in many potential clients.
  • Spam Checker – An inbuilt and intelligent spam checker to check those email addresses in which the emails are landing on the spam folder.
  • Email API– Developers have the flexibility to work on this emailing platform as they get to access APIs and program several features.
  • Landing Pages – With high converting landing pages generate more leads.


  • Basic – In $15/month send unlimited emails to 1000 contacts.
  • Plus – Generate leads, sell products, and dispatch unlimited emails to many subscribers.
  • Professional – The benefits of this upgraded plan includes multiple integrations and marketing automation at $99/ month.
  • Enterprise – Send unlimited emails at $1,199 to massive 100000+ contacts.
    Note: There are plans on the basis of 12 months and 24 months each saving 18% and 30% respectively.

4. – A Bundle Of Joy For Email Marketing

Their motto is simple and effective “let the automation do the heavy lifting” Confidently send personalized messages based on your wants and their needs, thereby building deeper connections with your potential clients.

The analysis is so incredible that you can tell the outcomes of personalizing a subject line, time of opening, and subscriber’s mood. And of course, you have a trigger-based drip email marketing system that renders very effective results at very reasonable prices. - A Bundle Of Joy For Email Marketing


  • Automation – You can create more paying subscribers by designing rich workflows and then automating it. Built dispatching logic in the browser itself rather than other kernels.
  • Analytics – Segment your client’s data based on real-time events and find the entire life history of your email campaignings. While you are at it, perform a ton of A/B testing to understand how each draft is performing.
  • Integrations -Their RESTful API you to customize, update, and delete events from your applications. Many shortcodes libraries are available in multiple languages (Python, Ruby, Go, and more) You can also import email addresses and export data into CSV.
  • Security – An inhouse security apparatus to prevent data leakage and bleaching by people with malicious intent.
  • Editors – Create emails with drag&drop, rich text editors, or HTML at your discretion. Pick one of the numerous templates and craft your letters


  • Basic – At $150/month send unlimited emails and send SMS, PUSH, Webhook etc.
  • Premium – Include all the features of the basic plan with dedicated IPs and premium technical support at $995/month.

5. Sendx – Drip Email Marketing With An Edge

Sendx is the baby of the group as it is relatively new when compared to its peers. But don’t go for its small lifespan as you can create a good number of automated emails to land in your client’s list. Furthermore, when compared to its peers they have outdone them with its low pricing and high deliverability rate.

Sendx - Drip Email Marketing With An Edge


  • Drip Emails – Bring drip rain to your client’s email address and you can also start, stop and pause autoresponder emails with your subscribers easily by tagging them to nurture your leads.
  • Third-Party Integration – A ton of third-party apps could be merged so that you have customer’s data at your fingertips.
  • Support – They offer all channels of support like email, chat, and phone.
  • A/B Testing – Dabble with A/B testing to find the perfect channel for the flow of your emails.


Their pricing is based on the number of subscribers. As for now, they don’t have any free plans but you can do some testing with their software for a limited period. Their basic plan comes at $9.99 and can send unlimited emails to over 1,000 addresses. Furthermore, their premium plan is $79.99 and can dispatch unlimited emails to 15,000 subscribers.

Conclusion –

So, your treasure hunt has finally come to an end. And these are the 5 best drip emailing software, selected on the basis of pricing and features which I found quite reasonable. But don’t take my words for granted, there is a free trial or a demo account available with all these software for a time being. Check them out individually, before buying.

Also, there might be a chance that I have missed some worthwhile information while covering theses software, so do comment below. I will surely address them in the article.

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