Looking for Amazon SES alternatives? Then, here you can put brakes on your search as we have something that might help you.

No doubt, when comes to email marketing the very first SMTP service which pops in every marketer’s head is Amazon SES because of its popularity.

5 Best Amazon SES Alternatives

Despite its numerous advantages like pay-per-use pricing, monitor email messages, Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), and much more, it fails marketer with vast needs. The service puts a limitation on a daily limit of sending emails plus the message size in the email must not exceed 10 MB. Above all, it lacks the USP of email marketing which is better inbox deliverability.

That’s the reason why people look out for better SMTP server alternatives.

If you are unaware of what to look at in the email service provider, then the below checklist will definitely going to do a huge favor to you.

  • Provides better inbox deliverability rate
  • Comes up with email analytics to track metrics
  • Must be cost-effective
  • Should be fast, reliable and secure

Gladly, there are a plethora of bulk emailing service provider available in the market. Some of it offers free services too but searching for the best software is like looking for a needle in the haystack.

That’s why we had done all the tough tasks for you by listing out the cheap Amazon SES alternatives.

Quick Comparison Between Best Amazon SES Alternatives
ServiceBasic PlanEmailsSMTP Routing2X Open Rate
Pabbly Email Marketing$29/mUnlimited

Let’s have a look at the features and pricing of the mentioned software.

1. Pabbly Email Marketing – Best Amazon SES Alternatives

“The software doesn’t limit is users by offering features like unlimited emails, SMTP routing, and 99% inbox deliverability even in its starter plan.”

The very first in our list is Pabbly Email Marketing which is the most affordable and cheapest alternative to Amazon SES. With this software as your SMTP service provider, you can make sending transactional emails and marketing emails cost-effective. The tool is packed with features like 2X open rate, marketing automation, and much more to ease the work.

Not this only, it also comes up with an email analytics feature that gives a deep insight into the behavior of leads and prospects which definitely helps in discovering potential customers. Further, the software took care of all the bad, invalid, or fake emails using the MX cleaner feature which makes the campaign effective.

And, on top of everything which makes us bow to this email service provider is it offers unlimited workflows, integration, and the list goes on even in its small plan too.

Pabbly Email Marketing - Best Amazon Ses Alternatives


  • In-built SMTP  – The software offers in-built SMTP that ensures never-ending bulk emailing process. There is no restriction on sending emails.
  • Connect External SMTP – Other than its in-built SMTP, it also allows connecting of the external delivery engine like Amazon SES, Sparkpost, etc.
  • Marketing Automation – Further, one can engage its subscribers with the help of this feature by automatically delivering emails at a pre-scheduled time.
  • List Management – Using it, one can stay top of the subscriber list, it manages all the recipient data properly and accurately.
  • Enhance Lead Capture – Again, this trait raises the email campaign performance by providing ways to generate leads.
  • List Splitting – Moreover with the help of a list splitting feature, one can break the long list based on interest and send specific emails to the group of people.
  • Subscription Form – Adding a subscription form on the website helps in collecting data of users which can be used for creating a potential subscriber list.
  • List Cleaning – Further, this feature allows cleaning of the email list by removing all the bad, spam, invalid email addresses.
  • Subscriber Segmentation – With the help of it, users can resend the emails for unopened emails which basically helps in achieving high click-through rates.
  • Advanced Reporting – Further, it helps in identifying the type of browser, operating system, device, and country of the subscriber.


  • Forever Free – It includes sending of 12000 emails to 1100 subscribers for $0/m.
  • Rookie – Further, at $29/m send emails to 5000 subscribers.
  • Pro – Next, it involves sending emails to 15000 subscribers at $49/m.
  • Advance – Lastly, in our list cost $99/m for 50,000 subscribers.

Note: In a yearly plan, the user will get a discount of 20%.

2. Sendinblue – Mass Emailing Service

The second one in our list is Sendinblue which is one of the effective alternatives of Amazon Ses. The tool keeps its customers engage by sending the right messages at the right time. Further, it offers intuitive and powerful marketing tools to build better customer relationships. It also makes sure of data privacy and security.

Sendinblue - Mass Emailing Service


  • Transaction Email – The software allows user to customize their own transactional email using its drag and drop editor.
  • Retargeting – Using it, users can bring back the targeted consumer by showing an advertisement on the other websites they browse.
  • Advanced Segmentation – With the help of this feature, users can search, save, and manage the contacts.
  • A/B testing – Moreover, it allows to compare the two ideas of the campaign and help you to select the best one.
  • CRM – This feature helps in tracking customer interaction and proposes better services to build healthy relationships.


  • Free – The free plan will cost $0/m for 300 emails/day.
  • Lite – Further, the lite plan costs $25/m for 40,000 emails.
  • Essential – Next, the essential will cost $39/m for 60,000 emails.
  • Premium – Moreover, in the premium plan, one will get 120,000 emails at the cost of $66/m.
  • Enterprise – Lastly, the enterprise plan is a quote based on business with higher needs.

3. Pepipost – Bulk Emailing Service

Next, in our list is Pepipost provides lightning-fast email delivery. The software helps the developer and marketer to send emails in the most efficient way. Further, the tool uses both SMTP relay or HTTP API for bulk emailing. Moreover, it is boxed up with features like dedicated IPs, subaccounts, and much more to ease the work.

Pepipost - Bulk Emailing Software


  • Artificial Intelligence – The software use machine learning and artificial intelligence to maximize efficiency.
  • Bounce Forwarding – Further, the software makes sure to deliver a bounce forwarding email to the recipient for a mail that is rejected at first place due to incorrect or invalid email addresses.
  • Security – The tool ensures the security of their user data which involves checking of data by third-party vendors periodically to make sure that everything is under control.
  • Webhooks – With the help of it, one can get full control of the email activities, it provides real-time reports about open and clicked emails.
  • Subaccounts – Basically, it is a child account of the master account. Using it, one can manage multiple email domains and users under the same roof.


  • At $25/m, users will get 150,000 emails.
  • Next, for $85/m, users can send 400,000 emails.
  • Further, its most popular plan is $145/m, one can send 600,000 emails.
  • Subsequently, at $245/m, users get 1,000,000 emails.
  • Lastly, the highest plan costs $445/m for 2,000,000 emails.

4. SendPulse – Email Sending Agency

Following we have SendPulse which is more than just an email service. It is a platform that offers multiple channels of communication with subscribers via email, web push notifications, SMS, and much more. Further, the tool comes with automation 360 to send trigger chain of emails to the customer.

SendPulse - Email Sending Agency


  • Resend To Unopened – Using this feature, one can resend the message to an unopened email with a new tag line that can grab a user’s attention.
  • Segmentation – With the help of it, one can divide the whole campaign based on subscriber’s rating, actions, and statistics.
  • Subscription Forms – As the name suggested, the tool lets you create a subscription form for collecting details of subscribers.
  • A/B Testing – Further, the split testing allows you to know the most effective form for bulk emailing by paying attention to recipient behavior.
  • Trigger Emails – This feature allows you to send trigger emails to customers based on the actions.


  • The free plan costs $0/m for sending 15,000 emails to 500 subscribers.
  • Next, it costs $8/m for sending unlimited emails to 500 subscribers.
  • Further, for sending unlimited emails to 1000 subscribers it costs $12/m.
  • Following, it costs $35/m for sending unlimited emails to 5000 subscribers.
  • Lastly, the highest plan costs $7000/m for sending unlimited emails to 5,000,000 subscribers.

5. Mailjet – Email Sending Server

Finally, we are unfolding out the last one in our list which is Mailjet which is one of the leading email service providers. The software comes up with free SMTP servers to power up emails. Further, the tool offers the fastest email delivery which brings both marketers and developers together.

Mailjet - Email Sending Server


  • SMTP Relay – The tool comes up with inbuilt SMTP servers to boost your email campaigns. Setting up the SMTP relay is easy and required minimal time.
  • Contact Management – With the help of this feature, one can keep the customer with the same interest in a single list. By doing so, one can generate deep insights into a customer about their need.
  • Analytics – Further, it is used to track the email of the subscribers which involves providing a detailed report of opened, clicked, bounced, and spam messages.
  • Deliverability Expert – The software offers deliverability experts that help in reaching the inbox and get the most out of the email campaign.
  • Real-Time Monitoring – Moreover, it has a monitoring tool, one of its premium feature which sends updates and alerts about unusual activities in the campaign.


  • Free – In the free plan, users will get 6000 emails at $0/m.
  • Basic – Next, the basic plan will cost $68.95/m for 150,000 emails.
  • Premium – Furthermore, at a price of  $96.95 users will get 150,000 emails including a strategy to leverage your mails.
  • Enterprise – To avail the enterprise plan, users have to reach out to an expert to decide the customized plan.

Conclusion –

Hopefully, now you are very well aware of the importance of SMTP services and how it enhances the deliverability rate. And, we know, selecting the best service can be an overwhelming process. That’s why we have shortlisted the 5 best Amazon Ses alternatives. All the mentioned software are most preferable for a small and large business. But, our advice here is to choose the one which matches your business needs.

So what’s stopping you now, go and grab the deal and let us know your reaction in the comments section.

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