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You must have felt the need of a substitute as your current service might restrict you in the following ways – limited number of available apps to connect, bots shutting down while editing, tricky set up & costly plans. Alternatives

Thankfully, there are options that overpower all these hurdles in creating an outstanding workflow automation.

Streamline repetitive & manual tasks with these best alternatives & focus on strategic, high-value opportunities.

Take a look on the curated list below and pick the best one in terms of features, ratings, user reviews, pricing, and more.


PricingNo. of TasksWorkflow Automation

Pabbly Connect



Power Automate$40/monthUnlimitedUnlimited


  1. Pabbly Connect – Best Alternatives

You can count Pabbly Connect as one of the best alternatives supporting integration for 250+ applications of marketing sales, form builder, eCommerce, CRM, payment, etc.

This online automation tool offers point & click automation for easy integration of workflows. Moreover, any requested integration is fulfilled in a very short span of time just as the way you want.

Pabbly Connect


  • Split the actions into multiple paths with the path router to perform several operations involved in data processing like filter set up, data redirection to different streams, define time intervals (specified date, day, or time) etc.
  • Create complex workflows with “If/Else” conditional triggers & filters. You can also define the conditional/comparison functions as and when required.
  • Build multi step workflow & one-to-one integration with options like intuitive customizers, formatters, instant triggers, multi-step calls, scheduler, conditional logic etc.
  • Moreover, with options like JSON, XML, HTML, FormData, Encoded form, and plain text you can connect different web services.


Get unlimited number of automation workflows with the most reasonable price plans:-

  • Starter – The starter plan will cost you $9 a month & facilitate you with options like multi-step calls, unlimited workflow, 12,000 tasks, instant triggers etc.
  • Rookie – Get 50,000 tasks including all the features of Starter plan by spending $29/month only.
  • Pro – The third plan is available at the cost of $37/month for 60,000 tasks.
  • Advanced – The advance plan starts from $57/month for 80,000 tasks and goes upto $3000/month for 9,000,000 tasks.

2. Integromat – Top Online Automation Tool

This substitute has steadily become a reliable online automation tool. Streamline various processes involved in your business with an outstanding service in mere minutes.

Although, it provides direct integration for a lot of popular apps, but if you still need some more, its OAuth 2 authorization & the JSON module will let you connect to any web service.



  • Process data that has been created before scenario activation to retrieve data from the past as well.
  • Track scenario execution in real time to check how the data passes through it. Moreover, you can add special instructions to determine how the execution will proceed.
  • Any operation performed is logged in for up to several weeks to monitor the data processed during a scenario. Moreover you can log off this feature whenever you want.
  • Some more offered attributes are – built in routers, iterators, aggregators, scenario duplication, completing the disrupted scenarios, assigning user roles, error handler etc.


  • Free – Spend $0 for 1,000 operations and 100MB for data.
  • Basic – For 10,000 operations and 1 GB data, you just have to spend $9/month.
  • Standard – Get 40,000 operations & 20 GB data at an affordable rate of $29/month.
  • Business – This plan comes with a price tag of $99/month for 150,000 operations and 70 GB data.
  • Platinum – But this plan in $299/month & get 800,000 operations with 220 GB data.
  • Custom – Contact sales team to know higher custom plans.

3. PieSync – Task Automation Software

PieSync is of one the most used automation software in sectors like email marketing, real estate, CRM, sales etc. This alternative of provides you with a dashboard that lets you stay updated by having a quick overview of actions.

Besides keeping the new data in sync, PieSync also matches the existing & historical data between the two systems during the initial sync.



  • The 2-way sync for customer data in real time is provided by PieSync only. Furthermore, the overlapping fields are also eliminated while merging the conflicted data.
  • You can manage list opt-ins and opt-outs, merge MQL into existing CRM contacts, segment email lists, sync contacts(clients, vendors, partners).
  • For maintaining data security, PieSync uses advanced authentication methods, like Oauth, and employ encryption measures.
  • Also, on finding any change in one of the applications, it makes the changes in the other one as well to keep it in sync.


The 2 price plans of this alternative are based on the number of contacts to be synced. Below are some instances (billed monthly):-

  • Starter – This plan is available at $19/month. Here, you can create up to 2 if/then rules per connection & invite unlimited team members.
  • Pro – The plan offers unlimited rules / connection at $59/month. Advanced options to segment and filter syncs and custom field mappings (for choosing the way to sync fields across apps) are 2 more advantages in this plan.

4. Zapier – Marketing Automation Tool

Zapier stands high in the list of best alternatives not just because of its amazing workflow automation but also for its key features like, integration for 2000+ web apps, 99.9% uptime, dedicated support and what not.

It has got such elements that makes the automation super fast. For instance, pre-made customisable Zaps (trigger & actions already selected), multi-step Zaps (automate multiple tasks with a single trigger) etc.



  • This GDPR & HIPAA compliant service is trusted by millions. The key security it offers are data & account privacy, quality control, audit & logging, threat detection & management etc.
  • You can have a single workflow by branching logic which eliminates the need of creating multiple Zaps.
  • Auto-replay option retries the failed task which may have occurred as a result of downtime or any temporary error.
  • With its advanced plans, you will get options of user provisioning, custom data retention, apps restrictions for team, shared workspace & much more.


  • It free trial covers 100 tasks and 5 zaps per month.
  • Starter – The first paid plan is of $24.99/month. In this you will get 750 tasks and 20 zaps/month & integration of 3 premium apps.
  • Professional – Buy Professional plan in just $61.25/month & get 2000 tasks, unlimited zaps, and premium app integration.
  • Team – For businesses having larger teams, this plan is available at $373.75/month for 50,000 tasks and unlimited zaps.
  • Company – The highest plan costs $748.75/month for 100,000 tasks and a lot more advanced features.

5. Power Automate – Premium Automation Tool

Power Automate is an extremely well designed and advance automation service to create automated workflows with in-built AI capabilities.

This feature-rich tool supports more than a hundred of applications for integration making it popular in the list of alternatives. You can automate a lot of processes like files syncing, data collection, etc. with its numerous ready-to-use templates.

Power Automate - Alternative to


  • Its robotic process automation (RPA) feature, save time and energy with UI flows. Whether the app is old or modern, on-site or in cloud, you can automate both basic point-and-click routine & rule-based tasks.
  • Allow your team members to build secure workflows with cloud-based data loss prevention, identity, and access management services.
  • Build end-to-end business solutions by connecting Power Automate across other Microsoft Power Platform (Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure) etc.
  •  Additionally, get notified even for a small change made in the actions to stay updated.


Besides its free plan, you can avail the following paid plans:-

  • The first per user plan costs $15 per user/month (Allow individual users to create unlimited flows)
  • Second per user plan with attended RPA is available at $40 per user/month (Allow individual users to create unlimited flows, automate legacy applications through RPA and AI)
  • Lastly, its per flow plan costs $500/ for 5 flows per month. Here, you can apply flows with reserved capacity for unlimited users.


This blog has compiled a few services that are way ahead that or any other automation tool.

You can connect as many cloud apps as you want with these substitutes for – marketing, collaboration, sales, emails, web forms, payments etc.

These are very useful for building simple one-to-one integrations, or multi-app workflows across them with perfection.

Henceforth, pick the Alternative that suits your business and get started.

Do share your experience & suggestions by dropping a comment in the below section.